Sentenced to life: an “incorrigible” alcohol at the wheel in freedom

Condamné à vie: un «incorrigible» de l’alcool au volant en liberté

A multirécidiviste of drinking and driving, sentenced to life in prison after 18 offences and has just obtained his full parole, a little more than ten years after having killed a lady who was riding in a wheelchair on the side of the road.

The criminal Roger Walsh will now be able to wander around freely. However, during his sentencing, the judge had taken it very hard against it. “You are incorrigible. All the measures taken in the past have failed. You are unable to stop drinking”, had launched the justice Michel Mercier in 2009, by condemning him to life in prison.

Next step

In December 2019, Roger Walsh was granted a parole of six months from the parole Board of Canada. Since January, his behavior is conformist, and it complies with the special conditions to its statute, specifies the PBC dated June 19, 2020. According to the authorities, it is now ready to move on to the next stage of its release.

“You take to heart your responsibility and you are involved in your follow-up criminological. You associate with positive peers and success in your reintegration, ‘ write the two commissioners in their report.

The PBC is of the opinion that Walsh “has made the necessary efforts in order to lower the risk of re-offending”. The risk would not therefore be unacceptable to the company.

Roger Walsh was sentenced to life in prison in September 2009 for having caused the death of Anee Khudaverdian, a lady of 47 years who was riding in a wheelchair on the side of the road, les Cèdres, in Montérégie, while she was walking her dog.

The hit and had a blood alcohol level that ranged between 196 and 226 mg per 100 ml of blood at the time of the impact.

Driving prohibition

Ten years later, at the age of 67, he pursued in the last year its gradual process of reintegration with escorted and unescorted, in particular for its employment outside of the walls. The outputs are all well, according to the PBC.

The criminal lived in a community residential centre. The place of his future residence was caviardé by the Commission.

Roger Walsh is the subject of a prohibition from driving for the rest of his days, and he can’t consume alcohol. It can not communicate with the family of the victim.

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