Serbia and Slovakia to join Poland in a sudden surge in gold repatriation in Eastern Europe

Сербия и Словакия присоединяются к Польше во внезапном всплеске репатриации золота в Восточной Европе

After just a few days after the Polish government proudly announced its economic power after the completion of the repatriation of 100 tons of gold, these vestiges of the era of barbarity, an increasing number of Eastern European nationalist leaders such as Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, an ardent supporter of increasing gold reserves – require the return of the gold reserves of their countries in their native land.So, former Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert fico, whose chances of return to power rapidly growing, called on the Parliament to demand from the Central Bank to immediately repatriate national gold reserves, which are currently stored in the UK.What is the reason? Perhaps this statement reflects what I believe many other countries – in the case of a crisis, our international partners may not be particularly faithful to its obligations, therefore it is better to keep the gold to yourself.Recalling the agreement of 1938 between France, great Britain, Italy and Germany that allowed Adolf Hitler to Annex part of the territory of the then Czechoslovakia, fico told reporters: “After the Munich agreement, it is hardly possible to fully trust even the closest allies. I guarantee that if something happens, we won’t see a single gram of this gold. So, let’s do everything as quickly as possible”.In addition, the leader of Serbia Alexander Vucic, who clearly drew attention to the statement Fitz, ordered the Serbian Central Bank to increase gold reserves and urged him to buy 9 tons in October this year. Vucic said last week that need to step up the pace of buying gold, because “we see, in which direction is the crisis in the world.”Have different leaders, including Eastern European, there is a very convincing recent example confirming their fears. We are talking about the failure of the Bank of England to return the gold reserves of Venezuela because of political differences.”Gold is the symbol, – said the analyst from Zagreb, Vuk Vukovic. – When States acquire precious metal, people around the world see it as a sign of economic sovereignty.The current gold rush is a campaign launched by Russia and China to diversify reserves in excess of 3 trillion dollars. We are talking about reducing the share of dollar assets in international reserves amid increasing geopolitical tensions in relations with the United States.

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