Sergei Polunin has performed at the festival of arts in Moscow

PHOTO : TASS / Elliott Franks/Zuma



In the Moscow region hosted the international festival of arts Tchaikovsky. Came on the scene and one of the most talented artists of our time – the world ballet star Sergei Polunin. The speech, watched the correspondent of “MIR 24” Anastasia lihodedova.

Ballet Sergei Polunin at the festival of Tchaikovsky – a real sensation. This artist, the Western media called “a bad boy” because of the complex nature and variety of tattoos on his body. So in Russia, look at the bright and extraordinary dancer Polunin arrived 1500 spectators, including from other cities. Not scared even the weather.

Their pirouettes the world ballet star Sergei Polunin makes on a cold suburban scene. Instead of warm cover – a special flooring for dancers. No heating. In 9 degrees Celsius. But neither the artists nor the audience is not obstructed.

“Clear talent when the person is some kind of a skill, in this case, mastery of their body, plastic makes perfect, really admire that. I’m not sorry about what came, but, of course, the weather brings a little”, – shared his impressions a guest of the festival.

On stage, no scenery. This solo performance. Absolute synthesis of dance and music. And, of course, emotions, fleeting views, impeccable technique and style. This performance of “sakre” choreographer-Japanese YUKO Miyabi invented specifically for Polunin. The play did to the music of Stravinsky’s “the rite of Spring”. And the ballet was dedicated to the tragic fate of the famous dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. He went crazy after he became famous. The main thing in this production, according to the artist, not even the plot, but experiences and feelings.

“I have a lot of emotions whenever I dance, I look at the audience, I see their emotions, their feelings. For me is very important. Today, I felt gratitude,” said the ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.

The single statement is replaced by Polunin’s performance of “Paradox”. Also staging a Japanese choreographer. This is the continuation of the life story of the dancer Nijinsky. Here on the stage of his relationship with impresario Diaghilev.

“History tells us, actually, about this. About how they met. Then the middle part, which will perform Sergei, is the inner world of Vaslav Nijinsky, and the epilogue – the audience will see everything themselves,” explained ballet dancer Alexei Lubimov.

In this setting, star Polunin help the Russian and Serbian dancers. Jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness everything is clear without words. Two performances of “Paradox” and “sakre”, so different in mood, but the artists are very similar in one – for them it is a challenge and an experiment.

Ballet Sergei Polunin arrived in Russia for a few hours. Tomorrow he, along with his team will go on tour in Munich.