Sergey Andrushchenko appointed the Deputy head of the security Service

Сергей Андрущенко назначен замглавы Службы безопасности

The President appointed Deputy Chairman of security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Serhiy Andrushchenko, who previously worked in the SBU protection of national statehood, disclosed the attacks and the propaganda network of the aggressor country of Russia.

“To appoint Andrushchenko Sergey Anatolyevich Deputy Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine”, – stated in the decree of the President.

Other decree (No. 856/2019) Vladimir Zelensky Andrushchenko was fired from the post of head of the Department of protection of national statehood of the security service, which he held from the 23rd of July, So Andrushchenko in his career went on increasing.

Sergey Andrushchenko has a reputation as an experienced employee of the SBU. Journalist Yuriy Butusov informed spoke of him as of high professional, far from political intrigue. According to Butusova, as from 2014, the head of the “T” (on fight against terrorism in the protection Department of narrowdepartment) Andrushchenko took an active part in the erection of many terrorist acts committed by the Russian intelligence services. In particular, in the disclosure of a landmine detonation in Kharkiv February 22, 2015 at the Ukrainian rally which killed four people, including minors. Also Andrushchenko oversaw the exposure of the Russian promoter Kirill Vyshinsky, head of the “RIA Novosti” in Ukraine, awarded the Russian medal “For returning Crimea”.

In this case, said Butusov, Andrushchenko resigned from the SBU in September 2018 from the post of Deputy chief JNG (that is, in the presidential campaign did not participate), and after the early parliamentary elections returned to service, being appointed head of that Department.

Add, on the chief of Department of protection of narrowdepartment newly made Deputy head of the SBU Serhiy Andrushchenko replaced Anatoly Dublic what was published in a presidential decree (No. 860/2019).

For Duplica this fall – November 8, he was dismissed from the post of Chairman of the SBU, as the first Deputy Chairman Vladislav buharev with which Duplica was a good relationship (note that, unlike Duplica, Buhari has not yet received any appointment, being deprived of high positions in the security Council and the President derived from the Council of national security and defense).

The head of the SBU from 29 August is a childhood friend and longtime associate of President Vladimir Zelensky Ivan Bakanov. Before appointment to this post by the Verkhovna Rada on representation of the President, Bakanov was the first Chairman of the SBU; the presidential election led electoral staff Zelensky and was the official leader of the “servant of the people”.

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