Sergey Babkin told about his dream

Сергей Бабкин рассказал о своей мечте

The musician said he did not believe in superstitions associated with signs or phases of the moon, but the magic does not leave him indifferent.

“Of course I’m not superstitious! I don’t believe in growing or decreasing month can go to get a haircut, and then mom says, “What have you done? Now is not the time!”. And I have no such! I believe the numbers, I think numbers have magical powers! And 2020 is a very cool and very beautiful,” – said Sergey Babkin.

Leap year artist not afraid, on the contrary – at 2020th Sergey Babkin is already beginning to draw up plans and announced to journalists the first big dream.

“I want to be in the year 2020 to release a new album that he deposited in the memory – album “2020” and can it be called? By the way, there are even a few songs for him,” said the actor, reports

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