Sergey Sivoho: sold laughter

Сергей Сивохо: проданный смех

© Ruslan MarmazovDonetsk strikes famous-witted out of your life. However, in such grief loss few, lose more sometimes… Especially during the war.Recent years, Ukraine has many times surprised the public, whooping rolling on social mobility Frank and ghouls that a new wave of comical appointments have not even seem to be something out of the ordinary. Think of it, the “left” (not in political orientation, do not misunderstand), is clearly useless from the point of view of skill of the characters, but it seems to be not bloodsuckers Maidan manner, just Joker and mummers wide profile. Although, of course, every case should be considered separately.

From sviatyni. Social networks are perplexed and nervously pahokatawa on the emergence of the national security Council Sergei Sivoho. He was appointed adviser to the head of this structure, and you’ll laugh, but intends to reintegrate the Donbass.
Specify the appointment might be only one — in Kiev understand that before any return to the Ukraine breakaway DNI and LC will not come. That is, to appoint to deal with issues of reintegration can anyone, even the veteran funny motion Siwaju. Moreover, he has taken the first tentative steps in politics, members of Parliament tried to pass. But that did not work, so mater and cash Borys Kolesnikov, who formed Sivage competition in the area, also without a mandate stayed, and no one above him not laughing.

Sivoho I know a long time ago. We met with him often on joyful occasions. Festivals of all sorts, for example, beauty contests (we, of course, was not involved, and more staring and evaluated the ladies), parties, concerts… in Fact, for any positive “encyclopedias”, which was rich in pre-war Donetsk. And the Association with sting was, you know, bright and happy. He was a clot, not a little, it should be noted, festive mood. For this he was loved and in Donetsk at all. Still, the monster KVN, celebrity, merry countryman…
Now the attitude of the historic homeland radically changed. I can judge about this and hear what people are saying, read what you write. What Sivoho, for example, was on the opposite side of the front line, until then still somehow impatient. There are many, each has its own reasons… in the course of the war, the leading TV channel of DNR “Oplot” even a special program dedicated to earrings, praising him kaveenovskoy feats. Therefore, continued to be proud of, regardless of the situation.

But the transition humorist of the same rank show comical, in the category of other — political, and hence, tragic, removed the smiles from the faces of the Pitmen at the mention of Sivaji or his appearance, say, on the screen. Donetsk knows how to love. But how can he hate if he gets mad!

When the devils suffered Sivoho under the flag of national security and defense Council of Ukraine to bring peace to the Donbass denominator, countrymen fearlessly struck the showman, not just from lists of decent people, but their lives in General. No more of Sivaji for Donetsk. Was Yes all left.

The world, according to official Kiev, can only be achieved unacceptable for Donbass price. Today Sivoho not just Hochma and faces poses needful to the Ukrainian public, he was fighting on the opposite, the enemy of the Donetsk side. His work is now available. Which is, you know, completely ridiculous.Ruslan Marmazov

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