Serious choice: the entrant from Dushanbe entered the Russian University

The senior from Dushanbe Zebo Abazovi lucky. The girl was enrolled in a Russian University. Your choice she surprised even relatives. He was fond of literature, and become an economist. Details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Abubakr of Faizulloev.

The state examinations in Tajikistan is still going on, but Zebo has already entered the Russian University on a budgetary basis, due largely to the participation in city and Republican Olympiads.

“I am very pleased that my daughter participates in competitions and wins prizes. She is always passionate about learning and loves to read. All my free time she spends with benefits”, – said the mother Zebo sadoqat Azizov.

The last six years, the girl was seriously into Tajik literature. Parents and teachers were confident that she would become a linguist, but Zebo has decided to study Economics.

“Participating in the Olympics, I wanted to test your knowledge, as far as I know your native language. But I joined the economic Department in the Russian Federation. Want to be a good economist and a good specialist, to return home and then to work,” said the graduate.

“From the first day when I saw Zebo, she impressed me with their ability to learn. It pushed me to engage with her further and prepare her for the Olympics. These efforts have borne fruit – Zebo took prize-winning places”, – said the teacher of the Tajik language tury Mekhri shoeva.

Per year more than seven thousand students from Tajikistan go to the Russian universities, of which 630 quota.

“According to the program the students chose the universities are registered in the system that is modeled and is from Moscow, I am attaching the documents. It is not necessary to stand in queues, you just need to get all the required information. This also applies to medicine, and education. You need to fill in the questionnaire, place it accordingly and take part in the qualifying tests,” – said the head of Rossotrudnichestvo in Tajikistan Michael Vozhdaev.

Then you will have to wait for the universities to approve the request and will choose the candidates. After that, the applicant will be able to contact them. In the application graduates have the opportunity to choose up to six educational institutions in Russia, but only on two universities in each city.