Servant of the people – typical of the radical right-wing party

At the centre of its interests – not human, and financial-industrial groups

Слуга народа - типичная радикальная правая партия

Representatives of the party “servant of the people” do not understand what the concept is formed. We are dealing with a typical radical-right party whose policy involves the dismantling of the social superstructures of the state. It is as false honey agaric is a poisonous mushroom that mimics edible. Was here under a different banner: wanted to cut taxes, raise salaries. However, I did not clear parameters. The objective was to let the electoral smoke and give less specifics. Because as soon as they started talking about real numbers, for example, about 4 thousand dollars for teachers, these words immediately meme-ing. All this formed a certain investment expectations. But when the “servants” came to power, it was found that neither of which the reduction of tax pressure it was not. And the level of monopoly only increased due to the influence of certain oligarchic groups. It was libertarians in black embroidered”, – says the expert…. “People voted for clavecinists policy, wanted the chief was a man, and now on top of the pyramid the interests of financial-industrial groups. “Public servants” can explain why Ukrainians can live worse, but can’t introduce models so they can live better. All this can be called vulgar liberalism, libertarian misanthropy, politics of the “cold faces”. Their policy is similar to the conventional “economico” isn’t even policy Groisman.In the near future in all elections in Ukraine will be a defeat for social capitalism. Rhine capitalism on which there is a request in the community, involves the growing influence and quality development of entrepreneurial initiatives, promoting maximum employment. “Public servants” do not qualify for this definition. Now to receive a subsidy, the cost of housing services should be 15% to 20% of household income. So cut the army of subsidianes. Also plan to adopt the Labour code weakens workers ‘ rights and reinforces the rights of employers. And the number of ordinary officials cut by 10%, although it would be possible to first limit for the top prize and bonuses.

Alex Kush

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