Servants of the people is not even a dull class, and curiosities

And most of all annoying that there are no strips, below which they feel ashamed.
Stupid class

Who worked in a school knows, and who does not work, knows, too, because once studied there – there is a saying “the stupid class”. That’s stupid and all. Although there are a couple of standouts, some b, your nerds and bullies are on the last part. Just like everyone, but they are still stupid. Rastasi this shkolota other classes will not spoil porridge. Smarter/dumber than other will not do. But all together – a set of little dipshits.

Well, you know. Today we are again in the cage “servant of the people”. I’m here every time I write about them, I feel a shred of guilt. Myself because of these dum-dums voted for himself – for free – campaigned. Were sincere useful idiot.

I remember all your words. Recently there was, but memory is not like a fish guppies. “Dead cat better than Poroshenko.” In General, I sign under these words. Dead cat is better to Poroshenko. But the trouble is that we have now in power a dead cat. We chose again the collective Poroshenko. Less disgusting, but more stupid.

I remember that wild five-year period. After another arrest/search of the journalist, I called my mom and told her what to do if I was suddenly Packed. After the explosion of mass media, I began to look under the bottom of his car. And each time felt a little stupid, catching the views of the neighbors yard. If it’s just somewhere under the house was 2-3 guy, I was always alarmed. It was an atmosphere of psychosis. Natural Latin American country from the ‘ 70s. You’re also the same experienced as me. Millions of people exactly what they lived for five years.

But what they didn’t have in such quantity, so it’s chronic idiocy. No, Turchinov in average once in 3 weeks announced that Russia is preparing a large-scale attack on the country. On TV almost every day burned another candle. I even dispute this morning turned on the TV and almost always won. But it costs racial model of state-building. But the stupid feathers as diarrhea after the milk and herring that I can’t remember.

Happened is that the subject must be sought. The investigation is a matter of luck and informants. It’s time and resources. Scandals they are scandals that are not regular and spontaneous. Neither of them can count when the evening need to write a script, and especially not shit has happened, including another postponement of the invasion of Putin.

And for that, I had three crown character. Klitschko, Omeljan and Reva. Klitschko – master curve word. Omeljan racist and stupid, always abides not in his place. And Reva hated all gratis. But again, the topics were organized around their words. “Hyperloop”, “guzzle a lot”, “most tired”. It is words, not acts. There’s a difference.

And that “servant”? We have forgotten Picea Yaremenko, because we have a penis, Deputy Minister of infrastructure. We have forgotten prosecutorial taskbar Medianik, because we had metalloloma-COP taskbar Utica. Revelation Tishchenko change to the island-mansion Tkachenko, then POPs up pregnant anyway, which circles the mother Dubinsky. She loves speed. A hysterical Poturaev no longer seems to be the same moron as Milovanov, because the network runs the RAM at the next noname of “servants” who did time for rape of a minor…

It’s not even a stupid class. It’s a freak show. Vocational school students who came to another class, and they casually announced that their school was renamed the University, and they are all now listed at the philosophical faculty. Fucking herd that doesn’t understand how to behave in public.

Here’s a look at the other factions without ideological content. There were only two scandals that I can remember offhand. With rogulkoj Pedinol and dick Kiva. By the way, wanking Kiva amid pussy-correspondence Yaremenko looks almost moral.

And that’s all. But there not saints. Also huckster, too reshaly, too, with cockroach races in their heads. But the average temperature in the ward they have a level of decency. There is no clearly defined idiots that create the atmosphere of the whole class. I emphasize this without the ideological component.

I think that’s just be at the Kiev station and nahuati in a row 254 people and Sacile their MPs will not be there so MANY freaks. Yes, every village has its own crazy. In each class your a fool. And then a faction of them.

And you know what hate most? They all FSUs. That is all. There is a lath below which they feel ashamed. Phenomenal convocation of degenerates without any responsibility. People who confuse urine and dew.

And it’s a shame for all of us. For what these monsters devalued such necessary and such a right idea of zeroing of power and social mobility. Because now there will be again the outflow ago. Back to the tested condoms that wear out our country to these crooks.

Igor Lesev

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