Services of private detectives become popular in Ukraine

Услуги частных детективов приобретают популярность в Украине

New rules for private investigators can appear in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada wants to require investigators to obtain a license, otherwise their services will be outlawed. At the same time, the services of private detectives are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. Their sphere search of stolen property, cars and even missing people.
Antonina recalls with horror how they abducted her minor daughter. Her ex-husband took her for a walk, and instead to return home, was taken to another city by phone.
“It was the Christmas holidays and just birthday daughter. For two weeks I had no information where is my child” – says Antonina Anton, a resident of Kiev.
Antonina went to the police, but to find the girl the cops are unable. They have in this case hands are tied – explains the private detective. After all, the daughter was with her father.
Ruslan Bolgov, Chairman of the ethics Commission of the Association of private detectives in Ukraine:
“This is not a criminal offense, yet there is no court decision in granting to someone the right. Therefore, the police are helpless in this case, hands.”
Then the woman turned for help to a private investigator.
“It was very quickly. We met, he offered me a plan of action, explained in great detail why it is so necessary to do what will bring results and how quickly. I agreed and literally for the first few days were the results, and a week later he called the place, where is my child” – says Antonina.
Basically private detectives have more time and opportunities to achieve a positive result.
“We have a leadership that tells us what to do. We are more mobile, we are more expeditious in this case,” – said Ruslan Bolgov.
But first, write a statement to the police. After all, in private services there are many limitations.
“The Ukrainian Constitution prohibits any interference in the private lives of individuals implementing the video, audio record conversations, tracking, surveillance of persons. Such activity is permitted only within processes and only should be sanctioned or investigative units and process managers or by the court,” explains Catherine Grigorash, a lawyer, in the news, “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine”.
Services of private detectives are not cheap. The price starts from two thousand hryvnia – for only one consultation.

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