Seven principles that will help to find life harmony

When you do good to others, you first do good yourself.

Сім принципів, які допоможуть знайти в житті гармонію

Principle # 1

Think about the positive. Our life is a reflection of our thoughts, so let Your head be filled with only good, bright and optimistic thoughts, informs Rus.Media.

Principle # 2

Leave thoughts of revenge. Attempts to retaliate and get even with his enemies will bring You only harm. In a situation when You do not give rest thought about retribution, do as advised General Eisenhower: “never think about the people you don’t like”.

Principle No. 3

If You’re unhappy human ingratitude, remember Jesus Christ. Once He healed 10 terminally ill with leprosy and only one came to thank him. By what right should we expect more gratitude than God himself?

Remember that the only true way to find happiness is first and foremost to give people warmth, kindness and love, not in the expectation that gratitude.

Gratitude is a product of education and if You want Your children grew up grateful and empathetic, You have to work a lot and work on cultivating those feelings.

Principle # 4

It is better to consider the joy and victory in life than to mentally sort out and remember the failures and mistakes.

Principle # 5

Not worth trying to be like anyone, because envy is a destructive feeling.

Principle No. 6

If fate hands you a lemon, try to make lemonade out of it.

Principle # 7

To ease your own pain you can, only bringing joy and easing the pain of others. And as Franklin Roosevelt: “When you do good to others, you first do good yourself”.