Several candidates vying to take over the TER Nancy-Merrey line

    Several candidates vying to take over the TER Nancy-Merrey line

    Several candidates in line to operate the TER 14 line again between Nancy and Merrey (Haute-Marne), via Pont-Saint-Vincent and Contrexéville in particular. A railway line stopped since 2016 due to the poor condition of the track. Line that the Grand Est region wants to relaunch by opening it up to competition.

    Choice planned for the end of 2021

    The calls for tenders were launched this summer and David Valence, the mayor of Saint-Dié, and vice-president of the Grand Est region in charge of transport, affirms to France Bleu, several candidates have submitted offers to win the concession for 22 years of the railway line which will first have to be renovated. The Region will have the choice, welcomes David Valence:

    “We have received applications from groups of companies that are interested in doing the work and getting back to work on this axis. It belies what the skeptics predicted. We have rather more answers than what we expected.”

    Opens a job and an exchange for one year with the different candidates for a final choice at the end of 2021. The renovation work on line 14 could start at the end of 2022- beginning of 2023 for a return of the train in 2025.

    Defenders of the line have met a possible candidate

    It is not known how many companies applied or their names. What is certain, however, is that a meeting took place at the end of October between the members of the association for the defense of the Nancy-Merrey railway line and Régionéo, a company owned by RATP and Getlink, the operator of the Channel Tunnel. Pascal Lopez, the president of the association confirms this:

    “Point by point, we asked how they intended to ensure a good quality of service to users. They did not promise anything. They answered positively on certain points, more ambiguous on others. They did not promise anything because they have nothing to promise us “.

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