Several orchestras are breaking the links with Charles Dutoit

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Three singers of the opera and a musician argue that Charles Dutoit was sexually assaulted from 1985 to 2010.

After the revelations, the consequences : at least eight symphony orchestras, major, have broken their links with Charles Dutoit on Friday — sometimes in common agreement — in the wake of allegations of sexual assault at his place.


The Philadelphia Orchestra, where Mr. Dutoit was conductor emeritus, has reacted the most strongly. “The Orchestra brings to an end his association with Mr. Dutoit, says a press release issued Friday afternoon. We have revoked his honorary title. “


The Royal Philharmonic of London, where Mr. Dutoit was the principal conductor, has, for its part, indicated that the organization and Charles Dutoit had “jointly agreed” to its removal from its obligations next to the orchestra.


The institution was said to have taken the charges ” very seriously “, but she believes that ” Charles Dutoit must have an opportunity just to get legal advice and dispute these charges “.


In Tokyo, the NHK symphony (where Mr. Dutoit is also conductor emeritus) stated that he was taking the situation very seriously, but we expect news of Mr. Dutoit before taking a decision on the concerts scheduled in 2018.


Others have chosen to go ahead now. The Cleveland Orchestra announced that Mr. Dutoit will lead as expected concerts from 22 to 24 February 2018.


By press release, the Orchestra said “they have not received specific complaints related to Mr. Dutoit during his previous commitments with the Cleveland Orchestra,” but added that it is critical for the organization to ” provide a work environment that is professional and safe, devoid of any form of inappropriate conduct “.


The San Francisco Symphony has also severed its ties with the maestro, indicating by issuing a press release that “the serious nature” of the allegations and the “zero tolerance policy” of the orchestra towards the sexual harassment in the workplace motivated his decision. Charles Dutoit was conducting the orchestra for two weeks in April.


The same reaction in Boston. “We put an end to our relationship with him, and he will no longer be guest conductor of the Orchestra,” says a press release of the Boston symphony Orchestra, which speaks to the allegations ” extremely disturbing “. Mr. Dutoit was conductor of the orchestra regularly since 1981.


The New York philharmonic, for its part, announced Thursday night that Mr. Dutoit withdrew from two concerts scheduled for next month. harassment.


The Chicago symphony Orchestra has also announced that the six concerts that was to direct Charles Dutoit in march and April next will be entrusted to someone else : the press release says ” in response to the allegations, Mr. Dutoit has informed the Orchestra that it was withdrawing concerts “.


Dutoit consults with his lawyer


All this in the wake of revelations from the Associated Press on Thursday, where three singers of the opera and a musician argue that Charles Dutoit, music director of the Montreal symphony Orchestra between 1977 and 2002, was sexually assaulted from 1985 to 2010.


Mr. Dutoit has entrusted to you in an e-mail sent to Duty on the night of Thursday to Friday, it may not ” unfortunately not comment on these attacks until they have met a lawyer in New York “.


In Montreal, the direction of the OSM was reacted with caution. “The allegations relate to events that occurred outside of the OSM, it would not be appropriate for us to comment,” said Thursday the head of public relations, Pascale Ouimet.


The direction of the OSM has confirmed Saturday evening to have received a complaint of sexual harassment from Mr. Dutoit. An investigation has been opened.

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