Several reasons to change the metropolis into a small town

Someone rushes to the capital, and someone, on the contrary, dreams of a house surrounded by nature, away from city noise.

Декілька причин поміняти мегаполіс на маленьке містечко

Probably, each of us in a close circle of friends there are people that moved to permanent residence in Kyiv or other big cities of Ukraine. This is understandable and logical, this one is not surprised. But there are situations when the opposite happens and people change a big city for the suburbs are less common. It would seem that a big city is the diversity in the choice of employment, and parks, and good roads, quality education for children, and the best museums, exhibitions and theatres, and medicine higher level, informs Rus.Media.

What is good about the suburbs? Let’s find out in more detail.

Big time savings

Life in a small town is a little distance from home to work, walking distance of kindergartens and schools, the opportunity for half an hour to get almost anywhere. It is also the lack of traffic jams, where the citizen spends a lot of time every day. Freeing up an hour or two every day, you can dedicate them to your beloved, family and children. This is a luxury that cannot always afford the busy Urbanite.

The improvement of housing conditions

After moving from the big city to a smaller town, you can finally afford to buy their homes, and not to live in rented apartments. To buy a big house or a larger apartment is not the problem: housing prices in small towns at times differ in the smaller side.

Good environment

The exhaust gas that you’ve inhaled, standing in the same traffic jam on the way from work to work, here much less. In addition, small settlements are rarely large industrial enterprises that make the emissions. At least you will make a choice in favor of a place to stay and the strength to control it. Another nice thing: small towns and especially villages are always side by side with woods and fields, so air quality is much higher, and opportunities for beneficial outdoor recreation – more.

Space and nature

Continuing the theme of natural resources, will focus on essential attributes, stay away from the big city – the rivers, lakes and forests. So, there are no landscaped parks, but there are ecological waters where you can swim in the summer, and forest in which to grow mushrooms and berries. A walk in nature, breathing in the scent of herbs and leaves, is a pleasure that definitely worth all the cons of moving to the village or town.

Career growth

If you the least expect to see advantages of moving from a big city career, remember the words of Caesar, who knew a lot about building a career: “Better to be first in the province than second in Rome.” The theme of professional development in small towns is very relevant for doctors and teachers, which the local government willingly invites to a rural settlement. Those who agree to exchange the metropolis into a small town or village, will be guaranteed housing by the state, workplace, benefits, subsidies and other benefits. But if you are not in medicine and not in education, should not be upset. The experience of almost any job in a big city will help you as a specialist, to qualify for a higher position in smaller towns.

Environmentally friendly and quality products

Settling on the ground, people will definitely equip your garden. But even having made the decision not to engage in farming independently, in a small town you will be provided with high-quality honey, vegetables and fruit from a neighbor’s garden. No wonder they say:

“The best vegetables are those that are visible from your window.”

A happy childhood

In a small town or village to organize a happy childhood is simple and natural. Children communicate more, use less gadgets or manage entirely without them. Summer no one sits at home and winter find a safe hill for sledding away from the busy road much easier than in the big city. That summer was a natural swimming pool – lake or river – in winter skating.

Children in small settlements in principle less. It may seem that is a bad thing – less choice with whom to be friends. In fact, this company kids only become more United. And in small towns, usually no queues in kindergartens, and schools – small classes, so each child the teacher can pay more attention.

Friends – new and old

In small towns all know each other so well developed mutual aid. In such circumstances, your new friends will always help in difficult situations, prompt, how best to proceed, who to contact. And, you can’t lose touch with old friends. In using modern technology for communication like a mobile phone. By the way, the modern trend of recreation – ecotourism – will hardly leave anyone indifferent. For us it is memories of a happy childhood in the village with my grandmother, priceless moments of relaxation in nature, to relax and relieve stress. If you invite in such a “tour” of your city friends, they will surely be delighted.

Rebalancing priorities

In large cities, high-status items of clothing, cars, accessories play a big role. It spent a lot of money, taken loans, and in order to make an impression of myself as a successful and prosperous man. In the village, standing on the banks of the river raking or shoveling snow, you realize that all this does not play any role. No one will ask brand the jackets and galoshes, no one will “snort” if your tights are very dense.

The lack of the race for prestige not only saves money, but also a lot of internal resources. Instead of having to worry about the lack of a new smartphone or tickets to the “fashion” statement, you will begin to appreciate in things and, more importantly, to the people what is really valuable. The only thing here is the money to invest and pay attention to when buying is the quality of things: flotation machine, the durability of the Shoe, the ability of clothing to warm up in the cold. Another way you will begin to perceive and the people around them, learn to not look to external attributes, and qualities.

Unique hobby

Some Hobbies can be realized only in nature. For example, love of horses, riding. In the city you will be able sometimes to get to the racetrack, where in cramped cages languishing horses deprived of their happiness to run free. Outdoors you can enjoy riding as you like, no hourly payment, to the mutual satisfaction of the rider and the horse.

Can try breeding pigeons, as in the favorite Soviet film “Love and pigeons”. You can also arrange kennel for dogs, with large grounds and spacious enclosures. How about gardening or landscaping? Here your creativity will not be limited to a couple square meters at the entrance or six acres in the country. Perhaps what you try as a hobby, later it will become your appointment, without which you will not have to think of your happiness.

Декілька причин поміняти мегаполіс на маленьке містечко

A deliberate move beyond the boundaries of a big city is the opportunity to begin life again, as you like it, without regard for other people’s “must” and “should”. Let the decision will help you and your family to gain long-awaited happiness!