Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll

Секс, драгс, рок-н-ролл

The new head of the parliamentary Committee on foreign relations should give a subscription about refusing to hire prostitutes with the app “Tinder” (just using instant messengers) during working hours. This time requirement. The last “public servant” turned out to be too anxious. He is now looking for a replacement. There are five candidates, including two with gay. The casting is carried out personally by David Arakhamiya. Don’t know what he there examines the candidates, however, as it turned out, “securency” Bohdan Yaremenko acted in full accordance with the new General line of the party. A powerful emphasis on sex appeal “servants of the people”.

As stated by the new leader of the “green” junk whose name I haven’t learned (like the RL), the goal of “servants” – “be sexy”. Just wondering what the meaning of the new partituren in the word. Or a concept. Basically, what he did, Mr. Yaremenko during working hours – this is the performance of the direct party debt. Moreover, Bogdan had foreseen, apparently, the sexual development of the trend and just started to fuck potential voters “public Servants”. He clearly got in the electoral core of the “servants” – young people from 20 to 25 years, with open, European views on politics. Not casually so meticulously discussed the topic of anal sex. Yaremenko just experimentally made the portrait of the typical voter the party.

Sure, we are now seeing a real breakthrough in political technology. “Servants” were again the most creative in the use of the latest trends. They first appreciated the potential of the “Telegram-channels” and left the poor far behind in terms of technology Peter. They used the potential of Facebook to complete the program, proving that the huskies can be converted in votes cast for wedding photographers.
By the way, the photographer I was disappointed. Judging by his reviews of computer games, the potential of the “servant” is huge: “slowly I began to think”, “I had a growth of 1.73 m two weeks ago”, “”Fallout 2 I went three times, and to be precise, twice and once – half.”

Sorry, obviously unhealthy atmosphere prevailing in the faction, not allowed to flourish the talent of the wedding photographer. Arakhamia adheres to the totalitarian methods of management and currently looking for the owner of the “Telegram-channel”, “the Dark knight”. All except him, know this to Alexander Dubinsky, but the truth was revealed to David only recently. Now he’s looking for Dubinsky to “talk to him and close his canal”. Tough decision. But such are the demands of democratic centralism – one finds the “servants” that are made in the process of party building. So, back to the topic of the breakthrough: no one before the party Zelensky did not appreciate the potential of such familiar phenomena as the sex. Green first found a direct correlation between the political and sexual activities.

In fairness, I note that the first timid attempts in this direction made by Petro Poroshenko. He started to fuck the voters, but in the figurative sense of the word. Our “Churchill” to fuck them in the brain about five to six times a week in three standard positions: “army” (knee-elbow), faith (missionary) and “MOV” (of course, screaming). Green decided to go even further. Why fuck the brains of voters, if you can fuck the electorate in a direct form? You just have to fuck people regardless of gender, and the victory in the election in the bag. Very fresh and modern concept. Party “SN” acts as a political sex-machine that implements the wildest imagination of voters. Therefore, the demonstration Zelensky his bare torso in the style of the early Putin with a piece of iron with holes in it is a manifestation of the new party trend. Smartphone a smartphone, but people should really have. This is the very essence of the new political doctrine.

Could someone think that the sex symbol “of kvartirovladelets” Svetlana Zalishchuk (nicknamed “Light – bare Rusnya”) will lead the external relations of a new, very progressive sexually of the Cabinet?
Don’t know whether Light is a member of the party “servants”. Given her loyalty to the selection of partners for the construction of a cozy penthouse in the center of Kiev, among which was dominated by the representatives of the Scandinavian type with African roots, it can be. The trend of “sex party” confidently striding across the vast country. It all comes down to primal instincts. This is a very wise decision, Freud would be pleased. Sorry, man did not live to our days.

We already have the first imitators of the new fashion trends. Some are quite talented. Thus, the phrase “dick Kiva” has become a popular hashtag, thanks to the charisma of its carrier. “And these people forbid me to correct the dick in the Parliament?”, – indignantly asked Ilya, referring to excessive sexual promiscuity of some “servants”, in particular, Bohdan Yaremenko. But, of course, to “green” it away.

Ideological doctrine of the party Zelensky is fully consistent with her sexual orientation on the mastery of the electorate. “A cross between liberalism and socialism” – so aptly described it, the führer Kornienko. After his words I immediately threw my degree in uni, Parsifal recorded there specialty “a philosopher, a teacher of political science”. Dick (Kiva) all of these the classification of parties into left, right and centrist, conservatives and reformers. There are those who have sex with voters, and those who can’t do even with “Facebook”, “Telegram” and other online substitutes of viagra. Even Soros with his doctrine of an open liberal society looks very old compared to the top, I would say, head of the party “servants.” Their motto is “sex with the voter allowed all forms meet the needs of Igor”.

Alexander Zubchenko

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