“Sex in the city” and new York: the story of true love

At a time when one of the stars of “Sex and the city” Cynthia Nixon running for Governor of the state of new York, as the series prepares to celebrate the 20th anniversary, we wanted to refresh your memory one of the main storylines of the film is devoted to the relationship of the heroines of the city itself. After all, new York is often called the fifth main character of the cult of the tape.

“I love new York”

Was called one of the series of tape — the last in the fourth season. It ends with the caption: “Dedicated to our city of new York… Then, now and forever.” This dedication is no coincidence: the episode was released shortly after the tragic events of 11 September. Producer Darren Old called the series a “love letter to new York” from the entire crew of the series. However, the same can be said to be almost every episode.

One for all

For six seasons, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte met, fell in love, broke up, again looking for his love, and so on. In fact all this time the chief and most constant passion, all the characters remain new York, “the novel” with whom they have one at all. And in these ways, as have most couples. Then everything is perfect, there are disagreements — as when Carrie was in shock from a damaged poster with his image on the bus. Or is robbed in the middle of Manhattan in broad daylight. Or see yourself without any makeup and with a hangover on the cover of New York Magazine…

The city likes to throw is not the most pleasant of surprises: for example, constantly drives one of the heroines in the same restaurant or just on the street with my ex and his new girlfriend.

“The chance to meet the one who broke your heart are incredibly high. Still higher the probability to come across it when you look terrible”

And still no Manhattan none of them is his life, not wanting to change it no matter what — even if it is just Brooklyn, though Paris.

Some misconceptions

As you know, girls in love sometimes tend to be mistaken regarding the object of his affection, and in the series: not everything is told about new York, the absolute truth.

1. Entire day walking in high heels in new York is something out of science fiction. The distances that have to overcome every day in great cities, are unlikely to flit heels, like Carrie Bradshaw.

2. To move only by taxi — it is unprofitable. None of the characters drives a car, they all move around the city by taxi. Meanwhile, in reality, the majority of residents commute by metro, not only because of the cost of a taxi, but mostly in connection with traffic.

3. In reality, Carrie would not be able to afford such a lifestyle. To rent an apartment on the Upper East Side to spend unbelievable amounts of money on designer clothes and shoes, Breakfast, lunch and dinner in restaurants. Given the prices in new York, the journalist would not have had any fees for the articles to live such a life, as shown in the film, by the way, “Sex and the city” was often criticized in the press. “At Vogue Carrie pay almost $ 5 per word. It is ten times more than journalists get really”, the portal writes Refinery29.

Significant places

For many years the new York city offer tours of the key locations from “Sex and the city”. Here are just a few places, which became a cult (or a cult even more than before) after the release of the series. All alone restaurants and bars in the series are shown at least 40.

Magnolia Patisserie

The one near where eating cakes Carrie tells Miranda about her passion for Aiden. After the series is so popular that there had to hire a security guard.

Restaurant Russian Samovar

The place where the artist Aleksandr Petrovsky (played by Mikhail Baryshnikov) has appointed Carrie a date in the morning. Interestingly, in real life, Baryshnikov is a co — owner of this place.

Soho House

The rooftop pool, where Samantha brings friends, using someone else’s pass, and where all four (plus Stanford) soon expelled.

Yankee Stadium

According to Carrie, “the place where you can smoke and drink at two in the afternoon, and no judgment”. There’s also the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker met with the “new Yankees” is a baseball player, a novel which went wrong.

The Editors Of Vogue

The scene where Carrie comes to the editor of Vogue was actually filmed in the office of Conde Nast (although, since he had to move to another location). Huge dressing room edition of Vogue too real.

Central Park

It is impossible to imagine “Sex in the city” without the famous Central Park. Here filmed a lot of scenes, including one where Carrie and big had to swim in the pond (this episode managed to take one shot).

Best quotes about new York

About new York in the series, say not less than about sex. Moreover, many quotes are quite suitable and other big cities, for example:

In new York you are always in search of work, boyfriend or housing.

Year after year girls are slightly over 20, come to new York for the two “L’s”: labels and love.

If it is true that in life everyone has only one great love, my maybe new York. And I will not allow anyone to say bad things about my choice.

In new York, everything revolves around sex. In some people it is, others are looking for it, others can’t get. No wonder this city never sleeps he’s too busy thinking about who you sleep with.

Everything is possible, it’s new York!

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