Sexual abuse in the heart of the Vatican: the Holy see investigation

Photo: Agence France-Presse
The Holy see suggests that it could be just of same-sex relations between young boarders.

Vatican city — The Holy see announced on Saturday the opening of an investigation on possible sexual abuse within the Vatican in a place harboring of minors, attracted to the priesthood.


This announcement comes ten days after the publication of an investigative book that evokes the unsuccessful attempts of a young whistleblower to denounce sexual abuse which is said to have been a victim of his former roommate.


The case would involve ” a former pupil of the pre-seminary of Saint Pius X “, which has recently become a priest, said the release of the Vatican.


The Holy see does, however, leave the impression that he could simply same-sex relations between young boarders.


The ” pre-seminary of Saint Pius X “, installed in a palace near the residence of pope Francis, hosts of children and adolescents around the world. These boarders are studying in a private school in the centre of Rome, and participate as “children choir” to masses celebrated in the basilica of Saint Peter. Some of them then decide to become priests and to study in a seminary.


“Following a number of reports, anonymous or not, surveys were conducted starting in 2013, on several occasions, both by the superiors of the pre-seminary by the bishop of Como, in the diocese in which the educators are attached, said the release of the Vatican.


The reports on abuse, who had not been able to be confirmed, “would have concerned students of the same age among them, some of which were not present in the institution at the time of the investigation,” adds the Holy see.


The opening of a new investigation is warranted by ” the recent appearance of new elements “.


The Vatican refers to the publication in Italy and in France of a book-investigation, original sin, the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi.


The book tells that in the pre-seminary, a seminarian major would have sexually abused at least a high-school student aged “17 or 18” in 2011-2012, under the eyes of a witness.


This light Polish, Kamil Tadeusz Jarzembowksi, tells the story about the seminarian came regularly in the evenings in his room to have sex with her roommate, who “felt obliged to give in to his demands” and was not in a romantic relationship.


In a survey of television broadcast Sunday on Italian television, the ex-roommate is out of the silence and has told to face a secret that he had in fact been sexually abused since his first year in the pre-seminary at the age of 13 years.


In this program (Le Iene Show), he also states that the same person was sometimes of the proposals moved in the basilica of St. Peter during mass.


The bishop of Como, who was recently ordained a priest, the seminarian, as well as the former rector of the preparatory seminary of Saint Pius X, considered in this report that it was “slander” invented by the young pole kicked out of the pre-seminar.


As for the seminarian become a priest, he did not want to talk in front of the camera.


These testimonials will never clear the age of the “seminarian” in question. According to a source within the Vatican, it would have a six-month gap with his alleged victim.

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