Sexual harassment: the OSM has received a complaint against Dutoit

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The building of the Maison symphonique de Montréal

The direction of the Montreal symphony Orchestra (MSO) has confirmed on Saturday night it had received a complaint of sexual harassment against her former artistic director, Charles Dutoit. An investigation has been opened.


“This complaint is in regard to Mr. Dutoit,” confirmed the Duty of the public relations officer of the OSM, Pascale Ouimet.


The press release of the institution said that ” in the wake of revelations of which Charles Dutoit is the subject, the executive Committee of the OSM has decided [Saturday] to undertake a process audit in connection with sexual harassment within his / her institution “.


The approach was motivated by the filing of a complaint received late Friday afternoon, says one. We don’t know for the moment if a complaint has been filed with the police.


An “independent third party” will be in charge of the internal investigation of the OSM. We ask three things :


– Establish the facts ;


– Give the “necessary support to the people in need” ;


– How the executive Committee ” recommendations appropriate in view of the implementation of the measures and mechanisms which will ensure to prevent this kind of misconduct “.


“OSM is committed to maintain and strengthen its unconditional commitment to the respect for the dignity and fundamental rights of his musicians and employees,” supports the institution.

Dutoit ned

Saturday, Charles Dutoit has rubbished the allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him following a report from the Associated Press.

In an official statement, Mr. Dutoit was said to be shocked of what he has heard recently in the media. Three singers of the opera and a musician, alleged that Mr. Dutoit was sexually assaulted, from 1985 to 2010.

Mr. Dutoit says, ” do not recognize the man or any of the actions described in the media “.


He adds that, ” although the physical contact was informal, are common in the field of art, the serious charges involving the coercion, and physical contact forced are not based.


The conductor continued, saying that it was currently legal advice and that it planned to ” defend themselves “.


“I believe that in the current climate, charges of the media with respect to serious physical attacks does not help that the society tackles these problems, if the allegations are in fact false,” he concluded.

The orchestras react

At least eight symphony orchestras, major , have broken their links with Charles Dutoit on Friday. The Philadelphia Orchestra, where Mr. Dutoit was conductor emeritus, has also removed the title of chief emeritus he held.


Mr. Dutoit has been artistic director of the OSM from 1977 to 2002. He left in the middle of a conflict with the musicians, who openly accused of psychological harassment.

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