Shakhtar vs Atalanta: when the odds are…

Шахтер - Аталанта: когда шансы равны...

Today after Shakhtar’s match with Atalanta will be known whether the spring Ukraine its representative in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Without a doubt, the biggest match of the year for the Pitmen.

The Coefficients Of “Favorite Sport”: 2.5 – 4 – 2.55
Out of the group:
Miner 1.53
Atalanta – 3.4
Dinamo Zagreb – 6

Manchester city had secured the first place in the group, and for the second fight are the “miner”, “Atalanta” and “Dinamo” Zagreb. The Italians need a win, but Shakhtar are quite satisfied with a draw (if only the “Dynamo” in a parallel match will not beat man city). Directly in the match, the bookies think the teams are absolutely equal, despite the fact that Shakhtar plays at home. What to put when the chances are equal?

Bet No. 1. Patriotic

Shakhtar not to lose – 1.5

In the second round of “Shakhtar” and “Atalanta” made a real scoring shootout, which were stronger than my team-mates, due to the goal of the Manor of Solomon in the last seconds of the meeting. And if we exclude the unlikely option that Zagreb will beat man city (and even the “half” part of the bulls looks head and shoulders stronger than the Croats), that Shakhtar are quite satisfied with a draw. Of course, to play 0:0 with Atalanta is a suicidal idea, but try to catch Bergama on the break – why not. Against man city, Shakhtar managed not to lose even without taison and Marlos. Today they are on the field, and thus counter the “miners” will be many times more dangerous.

Bet No. 2. Statistics

Both teams to score – 1.45

At the weekend, Atalanta snatched a hard-fought 3-2 win at Verona, and our Ruslan Malinovskiy has scored his first goal for Bergama beautiful long-range shot. Obviously, even despite the fact that due to injury after two months of not playing Duvan Zapata, and the match with the “Verona” damage in the first half, got a Goal (instead, it went Malinovsky), attack the “Atalanta” is still very good and remains the best in Italy. At the same time, in defense of Bergama thoroughfare, and in Serie A they conceded more than “SLEEP,” which goes on last place. Yes, and “Shakhtar”, the situation is similar. In the Champions League matches with Shakhtar, bet on “both to score” runs almost always (with the exception of the matches against man city, although two weeks ago I managed to score him).

Bet No. 3. Gambling

The last goal of the match Shakhtar to score – 1.91

Shakhtar in the Champions League just the master of comebacks. Each of the 5 previous matches in the group stage, the Pitmen conceded during the meeting, but in the end got 3 draws and one victory, in fact over Atalanta. A fantastic rescue in Zagreb not included in the history of the Champions League. Moreover, went to bet on “the last goal” it does not even need to lose, just quietly enough to win, say, 1:0 or 2:0. Unless you are against?

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