Shaky nationalism

Shaky nationalism

A handful of dollars to the OQLF to hire a few additional inspectors who will struggle to enforce Bill 101.

A mountain of dollars for McGill University and Cégep Dawson, which will promote the anglicization of the Quebec metropolis.

Over $ 750 million granted to English-speaking institutions to expand against a meager $ 5 million to protect the French language.

Far from ensuring our survival, the nationalism of the CAQ erases our quiet disappearance!

Illusionists in power

Like Justin Trudeau, François Legault, in his quest for power, benefited from the horror that the population had for his predecessor.

Ambitioning to be Prime Minister, Mr. Legault did not hesitate to fall into electoral clientelism and renounce his ideals. At least to make them up!

Rejecting the quest for independence, he draped himself in a nationalism allegedly to ensure the defense of Quebec culture and broaden Quebec's field of jurisdiction.

For new skills, he is still waiting for Ottawa, which is showing itself to be rather inflexible.

More dramatic, in its own fields of jurisdiction, it struggles to ensure the defense and promotion of the distinctive character of Quebec characterized by language, culture and secularism.

The Minister responsible for the French language, Simon Jolin-Barrette, gave us a great public outing to make people believe in the strengthening of Bill 101.

At the same time, Quebec is expanding an English-speaking CEGEP and university, thus largely neutralizing the effects of Bill 101.

The real solutions would go through the extension of the application of Law 101 in CEGEPs and funding of English-speaking institutions up to their historical weight, ie 7 or 8% of the overall budget devoted to education.

Preferring to maintain mirages, the Caquists serve the discourse that their nationalist clientele wants to hear while taking actions that delight their federalist electorate.

Unfortunately, political careerism generates a lot of contortions in these masters of illusion!

No Exit ?

We can increasingly doubt the real ability of the CAQ to adequately protect the aspirations of the Quebec nation within Canada.

As for the Liberals, their past history confirms that the Quebec identity is even more in danger with them.

Québec solidaire squirms in the same way as the Caquists between its independence and federalist electorates. These are united essentially around a social project based on a great interventionism of the State, even if it means sacrificing nationalist aspirations.

On the PQ side, we are looking for a leader. Bad choices have not been lacking in the recent past and we feel little enthusiasm for the current race.

If we put aside the utopia of a new political formation dedicated to independence, the PQ is the ultimate lifeline for the consolidation of Quebec's identity.

The next leader will however have to be less juggler with nationalist and social goals, because the main flaw of this party is its lack of credibility with regard to its own foundations.

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