Shannon: a man disappeared in the river

Shannon: un homme disparu dans la rivière

A man would have been swept away by the current of the river Jacques Cartier, on Friday afternoon, Shannon.

The emergency services were alerted shortly before 15h and firefighters are currently conducting intense research in the area.

The police said that this is the same place where problems were raised at the beach. The circumstances of the incident are still unknown and the age of the disappeared has not been revealed by the Sûreté du Québec.

The thermometer rose to 32°C and over 40°C with the humidity on Friday in the Quebec city region. The water levels remain very popular in a heat wave.

The municipality of Shannon had promised to closely monitor the access to the beach after the excesses of the hundreds of bathers carefree on the scene since the beginning of the summer. According to residents, the beach is always crowded.

In a message sent to citizens, the municipality had announced more stringent measures in order to ensure compliance with the standards in force.

The City of Shannon wanted to impose more stringent measures to regulate the access to the beach of the Parc des draveurs.

Mayor Mike-James Noonan said he was concerned about the situation.

As of the date of 9 July, the lifesaving Society has identified 42 drownings for the year 2020, compared to 32 at this time last year.

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