Shark attacked a popular Instagram model directly on the set (VIDEO)

Акула напала на популярную Instagram-модель прямо на съемках (ВИДЕО)

On Instagram-model Catarina Zarucki from California while relaxing in the Bahamas was attacked by a shark. The girl decided to be photographed in the company of whiskered nurse sharks.

About this incident she said in the release, CBS Los Angeles and showed pictures of.

So, back from lunch, she noticed backwater, teeming nurse sharks-nurse.

Katherine decided that she’s safe and she can easily make new chic frame.

The original model certainly did, but received a bite from the shark, which, according to the owner of the Marina, Michael Hoher, confused her hand with a piece of food.

According to the man, the incident with the model occurred when the predator emerged to feed.

The girl says that is not panicked when the shark pulled her down and tore the arm from the jaws of a shark, then swam a little, got to her feet and raised her wrist high above the water, holding the wound to keep the blood attracted other sharks.

Katherine went to a nearby hospital where the arm was washed and bandaged. Then, fearing a possible infection, she went to Florida, where doctors again took up her wound.

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