She actually hatched from eggs purchased from the grocery store

Elle fait éclore des œufs achetés à l’épicerie

A British has managed to hatch three duck eggs bought in a supermarket in the United Kingdom.

Charli Lello decided to try and incubate the eggs during the pandemic, after having been dismissed from his employment as a store manager.

“I had the idea after seeing a video that circulated on social networks, but from quail’s eggs”, she told CNN.

“That was my plan at the base, but when I saw the duck eggs, I told myself that it might work,” said the 29 year old woman.

After 6 days under the incubator, one of the eggs had started to develop a little embryo. In the end, three ducklings are out of the eggs : Beep, Peep and Meep.

“I spent the two days before Beep was born taped to the incubator. He has been all alone for two days, and Peep the has joined. Meep arrived a week later,” recalls Charli Lello.

The young woman, who also has chickens, believed to keep the ducklings at her home in Hertfordshire (north of England) until they have all their feathers. They will then be transferred to the outside.

Charli Lello love to his experience, but would advise anyone interested to do so as it will be well documented before. The important thing is to ensure you have the space and resources to take care of the animals.

The supermarket Waitrose, which have been purchased eggs indicated in a press release that it was one of the “rare” occasions where an egg sold in the grocery store would have been fertilized. It was added that the fertilized eggs are indistinguishable from eggs of normal when it’s cooked.

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