She began her battle against cancer in full pandemic

Elle entame son combat contre le cancer en pleine pandémie

The family of a single mother who will have to start in a full pandemic in her fight against cancer mobilized to help him, psychologically and financially.

Last month, Marilynn Clément received a diagnosis of colorectal cancer at stage 3. As of Monday, the woman 38-year-old will start only its first four months of chemotherapy. After which it will have to go to the hospital every day for five weeks, for sessions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, before surgery.

The fight was announced so long for the mother of Alycia, 11 years old, and Samael, 8 years, owner of a small house and a ranch to the Epiphany, in the Lanaudière region. “I still have a week before starting my treatments. This is a week to do the most work possible, before no longer being able”, says Ms. Clement, who is made to cook a host of meals to freeze for later.

Because pandemic requires, the aid will be difficult to achieve during his struggle. “It is sure that I have neighbors very close by who can move to help me for the horses. But with the containment, it is hard to say for the moment. We go day to day, I don’t know how I’ll react to the treatments no more”, she says.

Goal: 30 000$

Shaken by the situation, two couples of friends of Marilynn Clément – Nadia Harvey and Alexandre Proulx, Emmy-Julie Bouchard and Jean-Marc Jubinville – have launched a campaign of sociofinancement on the platform Go Fund Me. Goal: raise$ 30,000 to ensure that their loved one and his family will not miss anything.

Because, like so many Quebeckers, in these times of COVID-19, Marilynn Clement, who worked as a designer in a box of surveyors, found herself unemployed.

“We want to help. We want to ensure that it is correct for a year with the house, mortgage, accounts, taxes, parking at the hospital,” enumerates Nadia Harvey, who is, moreover, to make representations to the mayor of the Epiphany to have her support in their fundraising.

Posters surprises

The relatives of Mrs. Clement have even hung words of encouragement to the four corners of his team.

This financial initiative has added a great gesture of solidarity and love towards the young mother, isolated with his kids. Friends made on his land in the middle of the night Friday, in order to pin words of encouragement to the four corners of his team. An “anonymous donor” has also left a basket filled with vegetables, the next day. All this, respecting the rules of social distancing, will ensure the responsible.

“My gang of tanning, pouffe Marilynn Clement, laughing. They came as a ninja! It is sure that it is a super nice surprise. It is heart-warming when we see nice touches like that. I have always said I have the best friends in the world.”

Asked, Ms. Clement is now considering next steps with positivism and clarity. “I don’t have a regret in my life. But it is sure that if he remains for me more or less five years old, when I start to think about the children, my heart is completely torn. I would like to say in 40 years that I’ve been through,” says-t it.

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