She denounces “beautiful promises” of Trudeau

She denounces

A young woman from Quebec who is battling persistent cancer is once again calling on Ottawa to extend the period of access to employment insurance, frustrated by a lack of action after meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in December.

Émilie Sansfaçon, 31, denounced the inaction of the federal government last October in the pages of the Journal , deeming the 15-week health insurance period granted to sick people by Ottawa insufficient.

However, despite a meeting with Justin Trudeau on December 9, nothing happened.

“We took some great photos. I have had beautiful promises, beautiful commitments from you. But since that time, I have had nothing from you, ”she says in a video that has been viewed about 20,000 times since it was posted online on Friday.

“We need help”

“He promised me things and nothing happened,” she said in an interview with the Journal on Saturday, she who has been battling colorectal cancer for nearly three years.

If she agrees that COVID-19 could have changed the game in the government's agenda, Émilie Sansfaçon again calls on Mr. Trudeau to increase, ideally to 50 weeks, the employment insurance period. A petition signed by more than 615,000 people, on the site, supports him in his crusade.

“We need help. People who are sick should be able to heal with dignity. […] To have change is what I wish the most in the world, ”she insists.

Speech from the Throne

Her message, she hopes, will resonate during Justin Trudeau's Speech from the Throne on September 23, during which he will have to maintain the confidence of Parliament.

“I hope that Mr. Trudeau does not abandon me as he has already done once”, she drops.

Compared to 15 weeks due to illness, employment insurance provides compensation for 35 weeks for natural caregivers and 45 weeks following a job loss.

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