She drank and left the car in the Parking lot of the bar. And in the morning found a note under my windshield wiper.

Do you think what was written there?

Вона випила і залишила машину на парковці бару. А вранці знайшла записку під двірником.

The woman decided to leave their car in the Parking lot near the restaurant after several glasses of cocktails with her husband, reports Rus.Media.

When she returned the next day, a note on the windshield of the car shocked her.

In 2016 Paula Schultz and her husband had a few drinks in the restaurant “Original Joe» in Alberta, Canada, and decided to book a taxi to get home.

When the woman returned to pick up her car, she saw a letter on the windshield and it made the author famous all over the country!

Then Schultz made the letter and published it on their page Facebook.

“I thought I might have problems due to the fact that I left the car in front of the entrance to the bar – she wrote, – Wow! I’m so shocked. Didn’t expect a restaurant employee how well will treat their customers”.

Вона випила і залишила машину на парковці бару. А вранці знайшла записку під двірником.

In a letter to the restaurant Manager McLean, Jay Schultz thanked for the fact that she left the car parked and not driving intoxicated, endangering his and the lives of others.

He wrote that he had not seen how much she drank at their restaurant, but he wanted to thank for the fact that she’s approached the situation and joined the drink driving”.

McLean also made a homemade certificate for a pound of chicken wings as a gift. “Please accept my thanks for your responsibility. Life is precious. Have a good weekend!” – he wrote.

The lady herself was at first mixed feelings:

“The car stood there for almost 48 hours literally in front of the entrance, Schulz said, When I returned, it was at least 10 inches of snow… I was very ashamed”.

But when she saw the letter, I simply could not believe my eyes. She said that the certificate was “the last thing she was expecting» adding that such actions of the Manager touched her deeply.

Вона випила і залишила машину на парковці бару. А вранці знайшла записку під двірником.

“In our days and years, the world is a place where you’ll hear “me, me, me”. He did it because he wanted to do the right thing. Wanted to give me to understand that I did the right thing,” she said.

The message attracted a lot of attention from social media users, and many admired the initiative of the restaurant owner.

“It is well with them and with her. Life is beautiful!»

“Now that’s service! Despite all the negativity that we usually listen to… here, positive things do happen! Thank You.»

However, Schultz was not the first who received a letter from McLean.

Restaurant Manager for more than a year leaves these messages and thanks to the cars parked for the night.

“I just thought it was a great idea. It’s the perfect way to influence the society,” said Maclean in an interview with Global News.

“Customers come in here, having decided to spend with us your precious time. I just hope they feel it is important not to get behind the wheel, even if you drank quite a bit,” he added.

Most people agree that this is a very effective way to combat drunk driving. Now they encourage other restaurateurs and businessmen to test the same method!

It is as old as the world “theory of small deeds” in action – don’t need state propaganda or huge fines if we are going to do the right thing and encourage other people. It really saves lives!

Do you like this initiative? And, of course, because you don’t drive when you drink?

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