She hid under the bed to see if her boyfriend..

After several years of stable relationship, the passion between them died down a little. The girl began to ask myself, “faithful is he to me? Likes? What will he do if I drop him?”.

Вона сховалася під ліжком, щоб дізнатися, чи вірний їй її хлопець..

To test the reaction of her lover, she decided to write him a letter stating that it was over, that she was tired of his indifference, the love died a long time ago, etc. to get Away from him actually, of course, she was not going, reports Rus.Media.

Everything was ready. The sheet was lying in a conspicuous place. It remains only to wait for her boyfriend to get under the bed, so as not to miss his reaction.

Coming home and reading the letter, the young man began to whistle cheerfully, picking up someone’s number on your phone. She could not believe his ears. What’s going on?

“Honey, hi! I’m going! Imagine, she guessed, finally, that I change! She went, thank God. God, that relationship was a serious mistake. Freed from it, thank God… Soon you will finally see!” — said the guy on the phone.

The girl in complete shock she lay under the bed for a few minutes. How could she be so wrong? So many years to live with a person who is not a drop of it is not appreciated! When the guy left, suddenly tears will flow from my eyes.

She decided to pull myself together, pick myself up and not suffer a single second because of this idiot. How could he? On the table she found a letter. “Farewell, from him,” she thought.

The sheet was terse:

“You are a fool my love, sweetheart, next time I’ll play, just make sure you’ve got the legs from under the bed does not stick out. Went to the store, I’ll be there. Love it!”

Love each other!

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