“She was in really bad shape “… witnesses tell of the last days of Fiona

Photo of little Fiona distributed by the police before her parents admit that she is dead and buried. — FRENCH POLICE / AFP

  • Cécile Bud and Berkane Makhlouf are deemed to be on appeal since the 9th of October.
  • They deny all the two have been blows which resulted in the death of Fiona.
  • They face a sentence of thirty years imprisonment.

In le-Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire), Vincent Vantighem

We must imagine a long hallway. The walls in pastel colors. Rows of small coat rack. As in all the schools of France. Nathalie came to tell it, Thursday at the criminal court of the Haute-Loire, the last day that she saw Fiona, 5 years old, to cross the doors-swing in the hallway leading to the
drop-in daycare Jean-Philippe Rameau de Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dome).

Case Fiona: Cécile Bud emerges the thesis of the accident

It was a Tuesday. May 7, 2013. It was 16: 30. “And I was immediately shocked, tells the childminder crying. She had a complexion earthy. Dark circles… I had never seen a child with a complexion like that. “Nathalie approached her. He lays his hand on the forehead. It does not detect nor fever, nor signs of physical abuse. After having asked them if it goes, it leaves to leave the girl.

#Fiona: …I’ve had Fiona, 3 years old, to school. It was lively, engaging, very talkative, cute. She took part in many…

— Vincent Vantighem (@vvantighem) October 12, 2017

Just as Celine who succeeded him at the bar and tells the same story. Also a childminder, she also has noticed that a ” white complexion “, “appearance tired” of Fiona. It also has placed his hand on his forehead. It also has left to start afresh, on this day. “It was not a child that we are watching, slack-she’s crying, visibly impressed. There are children on which it has doubts, she not… “

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Case Fiona: “I have never abused my children,” says Bud

“She had the side of the head is distorted”

The doubts appeared the next day. On Wednesday, may 8, 2013. In the after-noon. Between two sessions of cinema in the shopping centre Jaude. This is Corinne, the teller, who has had. “The Gentleman asked me if there were films for children,” she recalls, in turn. The little girl beside him was very, very white. She had the side of the head distorted. She was blue under the eye. She wore a yellow banner. It was in really bad shape. “

Case Fiona: “I told him to be wary of it “, says the brother of Berkane Makhlouf

But there was no movie for a child at this time. The family is left with the scooter under his arm. And Corinne has regretted not having been able to take his break at that time for the follow up to their car. “I had a feeling of fear for this little girl. “

An exemption from school for 21 days for Fiona

Alain, himself, did not have this feeling. Simply because he has not seen Fiona, on the following Friday. On may 10, in the morning. But when Berkane Makhlouf and Cécile Bud had landed in his office, the general practitioner has signed an “administrative document” delivering the girl to school for a period of 21 days.

#Fiona: And the doctor continued : “These trials of intention are beginning to me… huh !!”

— Vincent Vantighem (@vvantighem) October 12, 2017

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“This was not a medical certificate is he right in his boots at the bar. We were in a relationship of trust with the parents. They had to go to Perpignan for ‘essayer’a job. I am told that they did not want to pay the canteen. “Fiona was not going to the canteen. And it has never reached Perpignan.

“It may be that there was nothing to see…”

Case Fiona: The mediums and researchers of corpse are active always

The jurors have until 20 October to go on with it. Keeping in mind that, on Monday, 13 may, Fiona has not passed through the doors-swing in his school.

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