Shea Weber: “If it crosses two or three turns…”

Shea Weber: «Si on franchit deux ou trois tours...»

The NHL players did not want to face Carey Price in a knock-out tournament to 24 teams, and for Shea Weber, the explanation is simple : the guardian star of the Montreal canadiens can lead his people to a conquest of the Stanley cup.

“It is necessary that the chemical settled at the right time and that your guard is up smoking. And we have one of the best in the world, said the captain of the Montreal canadiens at the radio station TSN 1040 on Friday.

“If it crosses two or three turns, you never know!”

According to Weber, the formations which were favourably positioned in view of the series bouderont possibly the formula that is about to be adopted.

However, the important thing for a majority of players, it is to reconnect with the competition.

“There will be so many different opinions, he warns. This is not a normal season with 82 games, where it is difficult to reach the playoffs, followed by four rounds in the playoffs. Some will perhaps be an asterisk next to this one campaign.

“It’s still an opportunity to play to win the Stanley cup. This is the situation that presents itself to us and the best will win.”

Cause surprise

The Habs ranked fifth in the Atlantic chapter, when the calendar has been paused and the 12th level in the Association of the is.

While some see the cast of Claude Julien as one of the weakest that can take advantage of the model series proposed, Weber believes that the CH will be able to play the spoilsport. It would start with the Pittsburgh Penguins, they confronting the turn initial.

“That’s for sure. We have caused surprises in the past, ” he recalls. But at the same time, there is no momentum at this time. The teams have not played since a few months. This is a new beginning.”

“Is it fair for the teams that are already in series? No, but it gives us a chance to win and continue to play. We were not officially eliminated, but it would have been a huge task to qualify. It gives us hope.”

Physically ready, but…

Having spent three weeks in the quebec metropolis before travelling to Kelowna, British Columbia, Weber said, will be driven as if it was going to resume the competition in a short period of time.

“I’ve been training for since everything has stopped without knowing what was going to happen. Physically, I’m to the point. The problem is finding ice to get that back. I’m sure a lot of guys have the same problem.”

Fortunately, in the event of the adoption of the suitable format of the playoffs, the CH will not have to face his bête noire, the miserable Detroit Red Wings, who have also haunted the Boston Bruins during the season.

“I don’t know (how to explain)! They have dominated Boston also. It is good for us and the Bruins that they are not there!”

In addition, the number 6 is confident that all the details will be settled in order for the activities to resume.

“They’re trying to sort out all the concerns with the towns, the families, and where you can stay all ones. It will not be perfect, because this is not a perfect world.”

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