She’s Back Mike Tyson

Revoilà Mike Tyson

The former world champion heavyweight Mike Tyson has taken the training seriously.

“In the past weeks, I have handed over the gloves,” said the pugilist during a discussion with rapper T. I. on Instagram. “It is difficult, my body is raqué and hurts me. I train and I try to climb into the ring.”

The 53 year old man will not attempt, however, not to reclaim his titles, but he hopes to be able to take part in the fighting exhibition to raise funds for charitable causes.

“I want to get myself in shape to organize the fighting of the exhibition of three or four rounds of charities, said Tyson. I want to earn money to help the homeless and the drug addicts like me.”

The native of Brooklyn, has even explained how he trained.

“I do about two hours of cardio, I do the bike and treadmill for an hour. Then, I lift weights, around 300 or 250 repetitions, he said. After that, I start my day with a bit of boxing. I hit the mitts for 25-30 minutes. I need to improve my physical condition.”

Tyson retired from professional boxing in 2005. He has maintained a record of 50-6-2 and past the K. O. his opponents to 44 times.

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