Shevchenko: Players are preparing for a serious match against very serious opponent

Шевченко: Игроки готовятся к серьезному матчу с очень серьезным соперником

Tomorrow it’ll be the team playing for a draw that will satisfy from the tournament point of view? You want only victory can satisfy a good game?
– You don’t often get such a chance when playing with the current European champion, the winner of the League of Nations. This team of great performers, including one of the best players in world football Cristiano Ronaldo. It is important for us tomorrow to show our game, because we will play with full stadium.

– It so happened that the second match in the paired rounds, the team usually conducts weaker. Will you consider these statistics?
Stats don’t take into account. The players are preparing for a serious match against very serious opponent. They come to the national team are given in the matches, ready in training. Two days later the third difficult to play for any team. Therefore, replacements have been made in the match against Lithuania with this in mind. It is not excluded that will be released tomorrow in composition and fresh players.

– It has long been the national team did not play in Kiev. What would you like to wish the 12th player before the game?
– From the fans who come to the match from different cities of our country, I expect only one thing – support.

– To know the state of his Mikolenko, which was recently damage.
Of Mikolenko preparing for a game. He was already preparing for the match with Lithuania. Tomorrow we will decide whether he will play.

– How do you feel about the achievements of Cristiano Ronaldo and his place in the history of football?
– I have already said that I consider Ronaldo one of the best players in the history of football. Given the form he shows for a long time, I admire his achievements. But it is not for tomorrow’s match. He makes a feast of football to Ukrainian fans of his arrival. Every player of our team will be pleased that the match will take part this kind of player.

– Portugal started the year with two draws in the selection, scoring one goal. But in the postseason, this team has dispatched opponents in three games 12 goals. What does this mean?
– It is necessary to look at the level of the opponents with whom you have played Portugal. The first game she had with Ukraine. Fall games, the Portuguese held against Lithuania, and Luxembourg. These teams in a lower class. Such a calendar in our group. But they also played a great game against Serbia, and we take this into account.

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