Ship in quarantine, and coronavirus: “It is necessary that the government wakes up”, begs the daughter of a couple of passengers

Navire en quarantaine et coronavirus: «Il faut que le gouvernement se réveille», implore la fille d'un couple de passagers

The daughter of a couple from Québec on board a cruise ship in quarantine in the port of Yokohama due to an outbreak of coronavirus implores Ottawa to act to evacuate Canadians stranded on the boat.

Chantal Ménard explained on Sunday, his father Bernard and his mother Diane were particularly affected psychologically by the impacts of the quarantine, the ones who are confined most of the time in their cabin.

“They are out on the deck only an hour in the whole week. […] They are not free to go on deck to take the air when they want to. It is not even once a day,” said Ms. Menard in the Quebec morning, to LCN.

These fears are exacerbated while new cases of coronavirus are regularly found aboard the ship. “Yesterday, at midnight, it was learned that there were six new positive cases. Then, nine other cases were removed from the vessel for medical reasons unknown,” explained Chantal Ménard.

In addition, Diane Ménard need to take medicines that are doled by the crew of the Diamond Princess Cruise. In spite of everything, his parents are trying to keep morale high. “We feel very nervous, but these people are strong enough, who does not discourage easily,” praised Chantal Ménard.

It claims that Ottawa will move quickly in this folder. “I would like to ask the [prime] minister [François] Legault if he can help me to get answers from the minister [of foreign Affairs François-Philippe] Champagne, because there are several Québécois […] who are on this boat-there. […] Is it possible to repatriate them? Is it that we can offer them the same treatment as the nationals of China? Is it possible to bring them to Vancouver, to Trenton?”, questioned Ms. Ménard.

“It is not against the fact they make a quarantine. We just want that they should do so elsewhere. I run a cry from the heart. […] It is necessary that the government wakes up and go get our Canadian. Time is of the essence and every minute counts,” she continued.

In the course of the last week, more than 60 people aboard the vessel have been reported as positive to the new coronavirus, on an estimated 3,700 cruise passengers and crew members. The building has been placed in quarantine for at least 14 days, or until 19 February.

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