RESPONSIBILITY The parents of the teenager had to be brought before a judge but despite a delay, their lawyers assure that they did not not fled

 Shooting in an American high school: Indicted for manslaughter, the shooter's parents are wanted by the authorities ; s

Accused of being the perpetrator of a Michigan high school shooting, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley has been charged with” assassinations “and” act of terrorism “. – AP/SIPA

According to the prosecutor, this tragedy & ldquo; & nbsp; should have been & ecirc; being & eacute; e & nbsp; & raquo ;. The parents of the teenager who opened fire at a high school in the northern United States on Tuesday, killing four, have been killed. indicted Friday with manslaughter, announced the county prosecutor; from Oakland Karen McDonald.

In the process, the authorities clarified that the parents, who had to come to be introduced; a judge, were actively sought. They have stopped to communicate with their lawyer, & ldquo; & nbsp; which is an indicator of their intention to flee, & rdquo; asserted & rdquo; & agrave; CNN Sheriff Michael Bouchard. The FBI is mobilized. But an hour later, the couple's lawyers assured; have ensured; that their clients had left; their home after the shooting for & ldquo; & nbsp; their own safety & nbsp; & rdquo; & rdquo; and that they were going to come back for their arraignment.

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Ethan Crumbley, & acirc; g & eacute; 15-year-old, & ldquo; is the one who entered in high school and supported about the relaxation, & rdquo ;, but & ldquo; & nbsp; other people contributed & rsquo; & agrave; this event and I intend to hold them to account, & rsquo; & rsquo; hammered & rsquo; the prosecutor.

Four days before the shooting, James and Jennifer Crumbley bought & eacute; the Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol used; by their son, and kept it in the drawer of a nightstand that was not closed. & agrave; key. The day before the tragedy, a teacher caught the teenager researching ammunition on the Internet. Prevented by the school, her mother said to her by SMS: & nbsp; & ldquo; & nbsp; LOL, I am not angry, you just have to learn. don't get caught & nbsp; & raquo ;.

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On the morning of the shooting, the parents were killed. summoned urgently to high school because their son had just drawn a pistol and a shot dead person, an accompanying sketch. message & ldquo; Blood everywhere. My thoughts don't want to stop. Help me & nbsp; & raquo ;. The teaching staff told them & eacute; that they were going to request a psychological assessment. The parents then refused & oacute; to bring back their son & agrave; the house, did not search his bag & agrave; back and did not ask him & eacute; if he had brought a weapon, said the prosecutor.

A few hours later, a little after noon, Ethan Crumbley came out of the bathroom, pistol & agrave; the hand. & ldquo; Coldly and methodically & nbsp; & rdquo;, he shot & agrave; thirty times, killing four high school students and injuring six others, as well as a teacher. In particular, he was charged for & ldquo; & nbsp; assassinations & nbsp; & raquo; and & ldquo; & ldquo; act of terrorism & rdquo ;.