Shooting in France for the 11th season of “LOL :-)”

Shooting in France for the 11th season of

LOL 🙂 on Sunday became the first production to win the honors in the new category of the show having the most famous abroad at Gemini, and will continue to conquer the world with its 11th season. Thus, despite the COVID, filming in France is planned this fall.

Already sold in more than 148 territories and countries around the world, silent sketch comedy has already enabled its Quebec comedians (Antoine Vézina, Réal Bossé, Kev Adams, Cathleen Rouleau, Martin Drainville) to be recognized as far as in Italy and South Africa. Antoine Vézina and Martin Drainville, among others, seemingly accumulate holiday anecdotes in this regard. Because, in addition to China, which has adapted the formula with its own headliners, it is the Quebec version of LOL 🙂 , the original, which is relayed on small screens elsewhere.

French stars

Many filming in foreign places (in Las Vegas, Cuba, Greece, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Morocco), with the hiring of local actors, have contributed to this influence of LOL 🙂 on the planet at through the years. More than 300 million views were recorded on the show's YouTube channel.

“I would dare to say that we are the only series in the world to have shot in so many countries,” says Sylvain Parent-Bédard, president and founder of ComediHa !, producer of LOL 🙂 .

And the company does not intend to stop there and is still working to increase the resonance of the work in a dozen G20 countries. It is in this sense that the team will travel to Paris in December to record scenes with major French stars.

Comedian Kev Adams, who has been part of the LOL cast 🙂 for a few years, will be part of it. Other prominent personalities, comedians and comedians, will also be part of the adventure and will join the core of Quebec comedians. They will be big names, promises Sylvain Parent-Bédard, who aims high with this foray into France.

“These broadcasts risk allowing us to be able to conquer the Francophonie, and to sell LOL 🙂 in France, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries of the Francophonie. This is an operation that we are in the process of setting up and which will materialize in the coming months. We are still in discussions with certain partners to attach certain variables, but it is clear that we will be shooting in France. ”

Obviously, a glitch called COVID-19 could complicate the matter, but for the moment, nothing is in question, indicates Sylvain Parent-Bédard.

“There is always a shadow hanging over the project, but we're definitely going to do it. We want to respect the health standards and directives of Quebec, Canadian and French public health, so we will analyze when and how it will be done, but if there is no change, it will be in December. ”

First distinction here

Here, LOL 🙂 will begin its tenth season after the Holidays on TVA (the most recent, the ninth had been broadcast a year ago, in the fall of 2019). This eleventh chapter in progress, whose shootings began in Quebec City at the beginning of the fall (with Martin Drainville, Réal Bossé, Antoine Vézina, Cathleen Rouleau, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Tammy Verge, Caroline Lavigne and Mahée Paiement et la fille of the latter) could be presented in fall 2021 or winter 2022.

Although the format has already been praised internationally, with awards collected in Montreux and Banff in the past, LOL 🙂 was nevertheless acclaimed for the first time in Quebec by winning the Gemini of the show s' being the most illustrated abroad, Sunday. The comic rendezvous thus won over opponents such as La faille , La maison des folles , M'entends-tu? and even A Guy, a Girl and Thirty Adaptations across the Globe.

“A few years ago, when we launched LOL 🙂 , with the original creators Pierre Paquin and Denis Savard, I had a great admiration for A guy, a girl , Mr Bean and other shows broadcast across the world. I wondered what could be done to achieve worldwide success. And Pierre and Denis came to me with this crazy idea of written sketches, fiction, without dialogue, but without hidden cameras. We believed in it, TVA believed in it, we invested in this project, and it's a success that makes us proud all over the world, ”says Sylvain Parent-Bédard.

Board game

As a tenth anniversary gift, LOL 🙂 will soon take another form, with the creation of a board game derived from the show that will be aimed at the whole family.

The Randolph company ( L'Osti d'jeu , Vin Mystère ) will market this new product in November, the concept of which will be unveiled later. Again, ComediHa! hope that the result will make babies on a global scale.

“It comes at the right time with confinement, to be able to play with the family,” explains Sylvain Parent-Bédard. LOL 🙂 is a family show, and the game will be very family friendly. The 7 to 77 year olds will have fun there. Everyone will have fun around the table! ”

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