Shopping centers: ready to welcome the consumer on the 1st of June

The owners of shopping centres waiting for the news with impatience. Recovery plans are already laid out with certain safety measures. The 1er June, they will be ready to host the consumers.

Contacted by The Newspaper, Cominar, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Oxford and Trudel Alliance have all confirmed that their institutions outside of the greater Montreal area were open the next week.

To this day, only the shops that had a storefront could accommodate guests.

Monday, at the end of the day, the industry was still waiting for the full set of security measures to public health that must be respected.

All the donors have, however, indicated that they would apply various measures to ensure the safety of their visitors, including the implementation of signage and the installation of stations of disinfection.

The cleaning of furniture and traffic areas will be more often.

“We are happy. For the past several weeks, we are preparing our relaunch. Our retailers are very excited to reopen, ” says the vice-president, talent and organization at Cominar, Sandra Lecuyer.

The real estate fund holds, among others, in the region, Instead of the City and the Carrefour Charlesbourg.

No Mega Park

The side Galleries of the Capital, the management is “pleased” at the idea of welcoming new customers. She pointed out that the independent stores will open at different dates after the 1st of June.

The Mega Park will, however, remain closed. The government has not yet given the green light to the entertainment areas.

For Trudel Alliance, owner of Fleur de Lys, one of the challenges will be to restore consumer confidence. Employees of the group will be responsible for welcoming customers and providing them with the instructions.

“We’re relieved. Some merchants have already begun to prepare their store, ” says co-owner, Jonathan Trudel.

The latter confirms that not all the stores that will reopen. Unfortunately, some will be victims of the pandemic.

Safety first

About Ivanhoe Cambridge, the Laurier Québec and Place Ste-Foy, they will open in the next week.

“Security is going to be the most important element,” notes the director of public affairs, Katherine Roux Groleau.

The stores are happy about the reopening

Shoes Leclerc : millions in lost revenue


The vice-president of Shoes Leclerc, André Leclerc, was starting to get impatient about the re-opening of shopping centres, in which are found seven of its ten shops, spread over three banners.

“We said that if this was not the 1st of June, we would begin to despair “, he says, noting that online sales have helped, but were never compensated for the closure of the shops.

“We got the work because that internet sales have jumped 300 % since 18 march. But there was a big shortfall, when we speak of millions of dollars, ” says Mr. Leclerc, adding that according to him, some do not survive these losses.

“There will definitely closures. According to me, 15 % to 20 % of businesses are at risk to close or will reopen a month or two, but will not survive the summer. It was too hard, too long, ” says the businessman from Quebec.

— Pierre-Paul Biron


 Shoes Trots Menu : “It was a time…”

He was less than one for the shop Shoes Trots out Menu, to the Galleries of the Capital, which has suffered losses of 80 % in average in march and April.

“We can now go ahead, leave and resume our lives, finally. It was time, ” sighs the owner, Louise Lavoie.

The woman had difficulty understanding the impossibility to reopen the shopping centres.

“The stores that have a storefront have long queues of people who intersect. And the corridors [of shopping centers] are much broader than any aisle of Walmart or Costco, for example. This is nonsense, ” she says.

— Jérémy Bernier


Ernest : race against the clock

The retailer of clothing for men Ernest welcomes the re-opening of shopping centres, but it will have a real race against the clock to be ready for 1 June.

“Let’s say it is on the “gun” since the announcement “, starts laughing, Michel Bergeron, director of personnel of the chain, which has 38 stores, of which 35 are in shopping centres.

“It will be necessary to ensure to be able to deliver the protective equipment for our employees into our shops in the region, for example the head office from Montreal to Rimouski. It is necessary to react quickly. ”

— Pierre-Paul Biron


Sports Experts : two weeks too late

Martin Boucher, president and chief executive of Groupe Boucher Sports, which has 28 franchises including the banners Sports Experts Laurier Québec and Place Ste-Foy, is looking forward to reopen all of its stores.

If he is happy and relieved by the announcement of the prime minister, Mr Boucher would have liked a return to activities earlier in the shopping centres.

“As for me, it is two weeks too late. We would have been able to work openings by sectors. While re-opens on Sainte-Catherine street, the shopping centre of Matane is closed, when the balance is exceptional in the region, ” says the business man.

Groupe Boucher Sports will be ready on Monday to accommodate the customer base, which has a lower rate of conversion to the purchase intention high after weeks of confinement.

— Diane Tremblay

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