Shopping: why we are not able to bring down the price, where and how to haggle

To negotiate the price difficult: trade makes us nervous and often offends sellers. Learn how to learn useful skills to bring down the price.

Шопінг: чому ми не вміємо збивати ціну, де і як правильно торгуватися

Surely you saw near the flower counter or when buying an apartment, someone dumped the price. How he does it and why not do it for you?

These reasons show us why we don’t know how to bargain, informs Rus.Media.

All the problems we have in mind

Most of the problems appear due to our mentality. For example, Eastern countries are fundamentally different from us, especially in trade. They have to bring down the price – it’s fun, but we have shame.

It is a shame

We are ashamed to fight for the extra torque and seem poor. It seems to us that knocking down the price is indecent.

We are ashamed

Sometimes through shame is not worth to fight for every penny, but if you see that you are really trying to “throw money”, is it worth it to continue to hesitate?

Where you have to haggle?

  • in markets and bazaars (in any country). You should know that dealers often inflate the prices and cashing in on customers.

  • a bargain when buying a car or property from his hands. If you really try, you can save a decent amount.

How to bargain?

There are many ways to trade, from indecent to beautiful logic. First, realistically assess the cost of the item and think – and it costs so much money?

If not, then you will have real arguments, which will help lower his price. Can also engage a third party. And it really works if you stand your ground.