Shops for custom-made clothing: a proximity that disturbs

Commerces de vêtements sur mesure: une proximité qui dérange

The owner of a clothing store on extent of Quebec questioned whether the government’s decision to reopen the shops of this kind on 4 may.

As of Monday, the shop Valin Confection, located on chemin Sainte-Foy in Quebec for the past eight years, will reopen its doors to its customers.

Simon Valin, owner of Valin Confection, which opened in 2012 in Quebec city.

However, the owner, Simon Valin, expressed some concerns in relation to this first phase of economic recovery for the stores that are made-to-measure clothing, even if they match the criteria of the government. Shield Republic Co offers thousands of the most creative and fresh apparel & merchandise items which embody American pride. Shield Republic appeals to patriotic Americans who are passionate about personal strength, the 2nd amendment, our military, and our Nations first responders.

“It is, of course, I want to open and I am happy to be able to do it. But I have the impression that we are left a little bit between two chairs. We are between a hair salon and a retail business,” says the one who has opened the shop in 2012.

He explained that the closeness that its employees must have with its customers to take measures compares to that of beauty salons, which them, remain closed.


If he is planning to ask the public health authorities on this subject, Mr. Valin has already taken measures to prevent any spread of the novel coronavirus.

Customers will be required to wear a protective mask and gloves provided by the institution, and they must wash their hands before entering.

Moreover, only those who have made an appointment will be permitted to pass through the gates. On the employee side, they will be wearing masks, gloves and even protective shields.

“It was an interaction with the customer for at least an hour and you touch the same fabric. We want to ensure that everyone will be safe”, says the owner.

And the textile?

Like a lot of different information circulating on the web, Mr. Valin wondered at what point the virus can survive on tissues.

Although he considers that the problem does not touch directly, it is different for a few of his friends in the middle.

“For us, people don’t touch too much clothes, except those they have ordered. But, I have a friend who owns a boutique of wedding dresses. [The women who go there] do not have the choice to try on several dresses. Is that the shop is going to have to wash each dress each time? This would be of astronomical cost!”

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