Short growth: the rate of bitcoin fell by 13%



The growth did not last long. The exchange rate of bitcoin per day fell by 13%. Now for one unit of the cryptocurrency give a little more than 7 thousand dollars, reports “WORLD 24”.

Just three days ago bitcoin went up above 8 thousand dollars. So many virtual currency was not worth almost a year – since August of 2018. Why this week has been such a sharp price rise – experts can not say for sure. One of the versions is speculation in the market. Interest in the virtual currency have decreased in the past year. Then financial analysts are talking about the bursting of the bubble. The exchange rate of bitcoin for the first time has fallen to 3 thousand dollars. But a year and a half ago the price was 20 thousand.

We add that, according to experts, to predict which way the price will move cryptocurrency, is almost impossible. The number of bitcoins in the world is strictly limited to 21 million. Now their total cost exceeds $ 120 billion.