Shortage of teachers in CPE: Quebec relaxes the rules of hiring

To offset the shortage of staff, the government Legault has relaxed the rules for hiring in the CPE, which will include more educators are not trained.

Now, a single educator on the three must have followed a training in Techniques of early childhood education in the CPE. This is specified in a ministerial decree issued at the end of the week. Previously, this ratio was two teachers out of three.

Then began the déconfinement outside of the greater Montreal area, several educators cannot return to work because of health problems or conditions making them vulnerable to the COVID-19.

The cabinet of the minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, it is specified that this relaxation of the rules is “temporary” and is designed specifically to recruit students who want to lend a hand during the pandemic.

A situation that denounces, however, the Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec (FIPEQ-CSQ).

“The minister has finally realized that he had to act to counter the scarcity of labour in the CPE, but we cannot do otherwise than remain on our hunger. We reported last week that it would be impossible to comply with the ratios of two educators trained on three PBS and that there had to be a plan for the retention and attraction of the workforce. However, everything that we see today, it is a reduction of requirements without any measurement to value the educators. This is a non-sense,” said the president Valérie Grenon, by issuing a press release.

According to her, it is the low wage offered to workers of the childhood, and the absence of premiums COVID-19, which pose problems of recruitment and retention.


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