Shot by his former business partner

A violent crime has upset the daily life of a family with no history of the rue de Bordeaux in the former village of Rock Forest, while a 45-year-old man was shot at his home by his former business partner using a firearm.

A father of two and the owner of a computer consulting business, Érick Lavoie succumbed to his injuries on Monday night.

Pascal Gagnon, 49, was charged with the first degree murder of the 45-year-old man.

This is the most serious charge in the Criminal Code, punishable by life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 25 years, which was filed against Gagnon.

Handcuffed dressed in the white coat handed over by the police after seizing his clothes, Gagnon was brought before Judge Helene Fabi of the Court of Quebec, late Tuesday afternoon, at the Sherbrooke courthouse. .

As provided by the law on murder charges, Pascal Gagnon remains behind bars. Judge Fabi ordered her detention until the end of the judicial proceedings. He will have to go to the Superior Court if he wants to regain his freedom.

The criminal prosecutor Me Geneviève Crépeau and the defense lawyer Michèle Lamarre-Leroux legal aid have postponed the file to December 12.

Pascal Gagnon reportedly came to Érick Lavoie’s house around 11:30 pm on Monday night. Armed, Gagnon allegedly fired projectiles at his former business partner, reaching him deadly.

“The man who was reached died of his injuries,” says the spokeswoman of the Sûreté du Québec, sergeant Aurélie Guindon.

Pascal Gagnon is the former business partner of the victim.

On the Érick Lavoie Informatique website, Gagnon has already written a blog article.

The informative article signed by Gagnon dates back to July 2015.

At the Quebec Business Register, Gagnon appears as a director of Érick Lavoie Informatique between January 2012 and March 2016 as treasurer of the computer services company: support and repairs.

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