Sia is a grand-mother!

Sia est grand-mère!

Sia became a grandmother at age 44. The singer and songwriter who has adopted two boys, 18-year-old last year, just before they get out of the system of foster care, and she revealed that his family is still larger than two people.

“My youngest son just had two babies. I am a fucking great mother. I’m trying to convince them to call me Lovey”, said Sia in a discussion with Zane Lowe ofApple Music, explaining that she had stolen the idea of the nickname his girlfriend Kris Jenner, who has ten grandchildren.

And new babies are not the only reason why Sia is happy: one of his son “has been recently coming out, it flourishes and is the light of my life… I love him so much”, she told.

If the musician has enjoyed building relationships with his “fantastic” boys, both black, their relationship was a bit tense at the beginning, because she tried to learn more about their difficult lives, a home to the other. “They were in 18 different locations during their 18 years,” said Sia, who has insisted on the fact that the system of family placement is “completely corrupt” and that he “let down” those who rely on the service.

Because of the trauma they have suffered over the years, the star australian was forced to have multiple conversations emotional with his son to try to keep them out of trouble with the authorities. “I told them: “I do this because I’m your mother. I love you. I don’t want to see you in prison… With your story and the color of your skin, I don’t want to see you like these 5% who end up in prison for life. I don’t want that for you””, she explained.

The education of two teenage boys has also enabled Sia to become aware more than ever of the importance of the fight against racial injustice, and her new role prompted her to intensify her activism for the movement Black Lives Matter. “I’m embarrassed that I had to adopt two black wires to really understand what they live every day”, confessed the artist, admitting that she was “very scared” for her boys.

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