Sidney Crosby was also a good baseball player

Sidney Crosby était aussi un bon joueur de baseball

The big star of the Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby also had a certain talent in baseball, but may not be enough to attract the eye of recruiters to Nova Scotia.

The story is told on the web site of major league baseball, under the pen of Alexis Brudnicki, in a portrait on the trail of canadian Walt Burrows, who works now for the Minnesota Twins the past few years.

At the beginning of the century, Burrows peering already the Canada in search of talented players for the Central recruitment of major league baseball. However, his partner Ken Lenhihan had warned him that there were no hopes for the promising side of Nova Scotia. Certainly, there was a young man intriguing a native of Cole Harbour, but it is, according to the information of Lenhihan, was intended to make a career in hockey.

“Every time I hear that someone is a good hockey player, I always ask how he is, says Burrows. This time, Ken told me that some believed that the young man in question could be the next Wayne Gretzky. My response was, and I would really like to never have said this : “We can forget it, it will play in the junior League, the Ontario League, the Quebec major junior hockey or whatever and we will see more forever.”

Fortunately, Burrows, a native of British Columbia, has always had more flair to detect the talent in baseball than in hockey.Jamie Benn : the fielder centre

Jamie Benn

This same recruiter also considered his “best story” with you is just another hockey player, is Jamie Benn, the captain of the Dallas Stars.

“I had received a call from someone in Victoria, a coach that I knew who told me : “you gotta come see him play this guy”, telling Burrows, in this same text posted on earlier this week. There are two teams the elite, in Victoria, and I ask therefore for what formation he plays : the Mariners or the Eagles? The guy was playing instead for a club midget AAA to house league. And I asked : “if he is so good, why is it not on one of the two best teams?””

It was then explained to Burrows that the young Benn also played hockey and that he could not devote enough time in baseball to be part of the elite.

“I went to see him and he played at the field center, he was very athletic, he was moving well, he could throw, run and was really impressive. It was not only the best player in Victoria at this time, but probably the best player in the country.”

  • As Sidney Crosby, Jamie Benn preferred to hockey and one can hardly believe that it was wrong, him who has won the trophy-Art Ross, awarded to the best pointer in the national League, at the end of the 2014-2015 season. With Crosby who has achieved the feat two times, we speak of the three championships of the pointers which have, for a time, furnished the discussions around this recruiter baseball.
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