Sign of the Zodiac, the astrologers recognized as the richest and most prosperous

Знак Зодиака, признанный астрологами самым богатым и процветающим

Astrologers claim that the financial well-being depends entirely on the location of the stars. Let’s find out what Zodiac sign recognized as the most rich and successful in making money. The rating we’ll start with the end.

12 — Archer

The last place in the hit parade of the rich goes to Sagittarius. And not always because he has no money. The money he often is, and considerable. Only here how much would a Sagittarius not earned, he still is not enough.

He can’t accept the fact that for all his well-being, there is someone richer than him and much more. It’s not fair! Even if Archer takes the fifth place in the Forbes list, he will consider himself a rogue. Fifth row — not the first!

11 — Aquarius

Aquarians never seek to earn a lot of money, so they do not. Why Aquarius money? To tremble over every penny? It’s not about him. Aquarius always rely on fate, and, to be honest, it never failed.

Next to the Aquarius is always someone who is willing to provide our dreamer everything needed for a comfortable and even luxurious life.

10th place — Fish

Fish are honorary 10th place for one simple reason. They do not know how to earn. Life regularly throws them different “tasty” options, but their Fish and) or the focus can not see, or b) blowing earned.

Fish prefer expensive and not always the right things, without thinking about whether there will be money to buy “food”. Of course, the food they themselves earn, but no more.

9th place — Libra

Libra despise money. They sincerely believe that nothing good in these beautiful bolajoko no. And try to earn them is a nightmare as despicable! With all this, Libra love luxurious life, though they are silent about this.

To others, they are told that a true artist should be hungry, but grateful fans can give a small gift. Apartment within the first ring, for example.

8 — Gemini

The paradox is that the Twin aces in making money, but not saving them. As soon as their hand enters some amount, the Twins literally starts itching — they have more to spend! And then suddenly something!

In these “and then suddenly something” is many things — crisis, revolution, the Apocalypse, but you never know what can happen! You may or may not happen, but the Twins must!

7th place — Taurus

Taureans love with all my heart to the Blues. They are this way and that trying, but the evil of the universe supposedly don’t allow them to get rich. Interestingly, the money the Taurus is, but only have enough for quite a comfortable life and nothing more.

And no matter how much Taurus I not fought, on the extra it is not enough. Maybe it’s in the empty newline of the universe?

6th place — Leo

Proud Lions need the money in order to put other persons of the dust in the eyes. With the Lions always successful and rich, dine in wonderful restaurants (and at home eat pasta), live in a prestigious area of the city (in an apartment with bedbugs) and dress stylishly.

As usual, Leo is more important to feel and not to be. However, this skill is useful for many lions. Spinning in the society of the rich, they will earn my first million.

5th place — Cancer

Cancer need the money. Not just need, and need. Ask why, he responds: “Me!” In General, this line is good, because it’s all dragging into the house. It should not have, he will understand later.

To buy some odds and ends, and the money will remain. But then this wealth can be given to poor relatives. Should they know who are the most generous and noble!

4th place — Aries

Aries with childhood love risk and get involved in a serious monetary adventure in his youth. As a rule, they dumped a lot of money, which the Rams inseparable until the end of his days.

But the fun starts after his death. The heirs of the Rams — car and small truck, and there’s no will!

3rd place — Capricorn

Capricorns since youth to master the art of filling a piggy Bank: you can either earn a lot or a little to spend. Capricorns achieve success in both spheres. They spend a little and lay a lot.

They don’t see the point in wasting money on crap, if they can spend on self-development,*for example, some courses, which, in turn, in the future to help make more. Money for Capricorn is not a luxury but a means.

2nd place — Scorpio

Scorpions take second place, because I really love money and hate to lose. For the sake of financial prosperity, they are ready to go over the heads of opponents. Financial independence Scorpions are making quite Mature, but can provide more than one generation of their descendants!

1st place — virgin

In the first place — TA-da! — Deva. And financial prosperity it owes to its own austerity and hard work. Virgo is the billionaire who goes to the jeans for $ 20 and not steamed. “What’s the difference to normal jeans!”

And what place are you? Share in the comments, whether you agree with astrologers about the results.

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