Signal theft: “if we had cheated, I would have had a holiday earlier”

Vol de signaux: «si on avait triché, j’aurais eu des vacances plus hâtives»

The pitcher Joe Kelly remains firmly convinced that the Boston Red Sox, the training for which he was when she won the world Series in 2018, did not steal the signals of their rivals.

The decision of major league baseball in connection with its investigation on the Sox is not yet known, but the gunner has added his voice to those of Steve Pearce – the outstanding player of the final won in five parts by Boston against the Los Angeles Dodgers – and his team-mate from the time Rafael Devers. The two men denied any form of cheating in their club and do not believe that it should be subject to the same penalties as the Houston Astros, punished for having instituted a system of flight of signals in 2017 and 2018.

“From the start, I thought it was far-fetched. Now, this is the last thing coming to mind of people with all that is happening in the world, commented on the radio station WEEI Kelly, which is today part of the training of the Dodgers. Regardless of when the excavations of the baseball will be finished, I’m interested to know the results.”

“If we had cheated, considering how our team was good, we would have had the top on each withdrawal. We never lost a round. […] It would have been pleasant, because we would have won the world Series in four games. We would have just swept in the playoffs and it would have been very fast. I would have been able to go to Hawaii or Mexico for vacation a lot earlier than that,” he added.

In Houston, general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch were both sentenced to a one-year suspension for the theft of signals put in place by their team. They have shortly after been fired by the Astros, who have lost their first two drafts pick in 2020 and 2021, in addition to receiving a $5 million fine.

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