Signal theft : the Red Sox respond

Vol de signaux : les Red Sox réagissent

The owner of the Boston Red Sox, John Henry, and the president and chief executive officer, Tom Werner, have presented their excuses to the other courses in the major leagues of baseball during a conference call on Wednesday, after the announcement of penalties relating to the theft of signals committed in 2018.

Commissioner Rob Manfred has taken away from the Sox for their choice of second round in the next draft, while the head of the times video, J. T. Watkins, has been sanctioned until the end of the campaign of 2021. The former manager of Boston’s Alex Cora was hit with a suspension that is valid for this season, but the penalty for his involvement in the flight system of the signals of the Houston Astros in 2017.

According to the site Henry and Werner have said assume any responsibility for this breach of conduct of the organization, winning the world Series in 2018.

“I believe that major league baseball has made it more than it was necessary to gather the information that led to its conclusions. I support them,” wrote the owner in the daily “the Boston Globe”.

However, the businessman recalled the mitigating factors in the history of the Sox. Contrary to the Astros, there was no system put in place, or guidelines provided by the manager or the instructors, to the players, in particular. For Henry, the organization of Massachusetts has not cheated during the qualifiers of the 2018.

“What I regret the most, beyond all the consequences on our club, it is the position in which our supporters have found. For a long time, they are asked if this championship was the result of cheating, he specified. According to the investigation report, there have been a few isolated facts that occurred in the course of the regular season.”

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