Significant events April 10: Day brothers and sisters

10 APR different countries celebrate another family holiday – Day of brothers and sisters.

Знаменні події 10 квітня: День братів і сестер

Not too well known, it is intended to continue the tradition of honoring family and family ties, strengthening relationships between close friends, however, and are relative to each other, brothers and sisters, reports Rus.Media.

On this day people give gifts to brother or sister, to congratulate on the phone, meet in a café or family home, giving warmth and joy to each other and their parents, for whom nothing is nicer than a close and good relationship between children!

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Every year on 10 April, the Day of the resistance movement. It is dedicated to anyone who opposed the Nazis during the Second world war in the territories occupied by the troops of the Third Reich.

The largest scale resistance movement acquired in the territory of the Soviet Union, Italy, Poland, France, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and several other countries.

By the way, in Ukraine the Day of partisan glory is celebrated annually on September 22.

Also on this day…

In 1633, the yellow fog in Albion: bananas, previously unseen in England, began to be sold in the London store.

1710 in England came into force “Statute of Anne” – the first ever copyright law. According to this document, the author was able to sell the right to use your manuscript for 14 years.

1755 was born Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, founder of homeopathy and the hangover of the principle of “like cures knock”. Observing the effects of drugs on the body of a healthy person, Hahnemann came to the conclusion that medicinal substances produce in the body the same effects as the disease against which they operate. On this basis, he put forward the basic principle of homeopathy – like cures like.

1833 – first started production of matches.

1847 – born Joseph Pulitzer, American journalist, founder of the journalistic Pulitzer prize.

1849 – American Walter hunt patented the safety pin. This invention came thanks to the sense of duty. Deciding to give the man borrowed $ 15, hunt, which was a lot of fiction built from copper wire the first pin, for which he received the patent and immediately sold the rights to it for $ 400. However, in those days a patent was not always protected the inventor. Already in the autumn of the same year the enterprising Briton Charles Rowley patented the analogue pins hunt at home. So now all over the world this pin is called “English”.

1864 – in Lviv started the first professional Ukrainian theatre “Russian conversation”.

1912 – in his first and last flight out “Titanic.” In an unequal battle with the iceberg survived for about 700 of the 2200 passengers. But since most about this Maritime tragedy become legend and take off good movies.

1917 – he was born Robert burns, Woodward, American chemist, synthesize quinine, cholesterol, cortisone, strychnine, vitamin B12 and who have deciphered the structure of penicillin and streptomycin. In 1965 awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry for his outstanding contributions to the art of organic synthesis, thanks to which, for example, Americans now – one of the thickest Nations.

1932 – born Omar Sharif, Anglo-American actor, known for the films: “the Fall of the Roman Empire”, “Gold McKenna”, “Hello, Dolly”, “Funny girl” and the like. In the first films partner Omar Sharif was a famous Egyptian actress, FATEN Hamam, a marriage which lasted until 1971, he converted to Islam. All the actor has appeared in about 70 films.

1937 – Bella Akhmadulina was born, one of ten (or twelve) pride of Tatarstan, poet.

1937 – born Nikolai A. Kassian, osteopath, academician of the national Academy of Sciences, honored doctor of Ukraine.

1951 – born Steven Seagal, American Aikido master, actor, Director, screenwriter and producer.

1982 – born Nadezhda Granovskaya-Meyher, singer and TV presenter.

1988 – born Haley Joel Osment, American actor (“Forrest Gump”, “the Sixth sense,” “Artificial intelligence”).

1992 – in Kiev opened the first art festival “Kozatska old dumb translation”.

1995 – Ukraine and China signed an agreement on military cooperation.

2003 – Air France and British Airways said it will cease operation of supersonic aircraft “Concorde” from the beginning of November 2003.

2010 in the Smolensk plane crash killed Lech Kaczynski, (A. 1949), President of the Republic of Poland, his wife Maria and a large number of representatives of the Polish administration, all 88 passengers and 8 crew members.

Birthday note: Basil, Ivan, Hilarion, Ilya, Nikolay, Savva, Stephen.

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