Significant events April 11: the Day of liberation of prisoners of concentration camps

April 11, 1945 prisoners of Buchenwald raised a rebellion, in which the camp was liquidated.

Знаменні події 11 квітня: День визволення в&#039язнів концтаборів

Buchenwald was one of the largest Nazi concentration camps. Was established in 1937 in the vicinity of Weimar, during the 8 years of the camp’s existence, about 239 thousand people were his prisoners, of whom more than 50 thousand were tortured or executed. During the years of the second world war through the death camps were 18 million people, 5 million of them – the citizens of the Soviet Union, reports Rus.Media.


Every year April 11 at the initiative of the who is the world day of struggle with Parkinson’s disease. This date is celebrated on the day of birth in 1755, the English physician James Parkinson. In 1812, he first called the cause of death in appendicitis inflammation of the Appendix, and five years later described the “shaking palsy”, which is now called Parkinson’s disease.

In the days close to this date in different regions of Ukraine on the initiative of the professionals involved in helping patients with this severe pathology, primarily neurologists, meetings with patients and their relatives.

Also on this day…

In 1079 by order of the Polish king was executed by the Krakow Bishop Stanislaw, who later would be canonized and become the patron Saint of Poland.

1597 (according to other sources – 21 April) – in Warsaw, executed the leader of the Ukrainian rebels Severin Nalivaiko.

1755 – he was born James Parkinson, English physician. In 1812, he first called the cause of death in appendicitis inflammation of the Appendix, and five years later described the “shaking palsy”, which is now called Parkinson’s disease.

1857 Tsar Alexander II approved the state emblem of Russia – double-headed eagle. Were also approved by Large, Medium and Small coat of arms of the Russian Empire.

1882 – in the USA patented one of the first alarms. The model of the invention was not for the physically weak people. At the specified time in sleep had fallen two dozen wooden blocks. History is silent what size were the bars, but judging by the fact that the alarm has not caught on, you can judge what fun this morning brought a little procedure.

1894 – born Emil Kio (Nast. Girshfeld-Renard), a magician who became a pioneer (in all respects) the whole dynasty of Soviet magicians.

1899 – Spain gave the island of Puerto Rico to the United States of America.

1909 – founded the tel Aviv- capital of Israel. The name of the city received only a year later.

1914 – born Norman McLaren, a canadian filmmaker and artist (originally from Scotland), founder of canadian animation.

1915 – on the screens USA released film featuring Charlie Chaplin’s “the Tramp”, where it first appeared character, which became the “calling card” Chaplin.

1919 – in Paris, in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles when the League of Nations was established by the international labour organization (ILO), the purpose of which was to promote the principles of social justice, internationally recognized human rights and rights at work.

1940 – at the Leningrad Comedy theatre the premiere of the play by Eugene Schwartz “the Shadow”. The play was a remarkable success; and relevant to this day many passages of Schwartz this play, for example: “easiest to eat when he was sick or went to rest.”

1951 – British police have discovered stolen in December 1950 the stone of Scone, the national Shrine of Scotland, 1296 is kept in Westminster Abbey. So, in a moment: the stone of Scone is a large block of Sandstone weighing 152 kg

1953 – born Andrew wiles, American mathematician, uteri the nose of all humanity, bringing the last Fermat’s theorem.

1954 – born Valery Garkalin, actor, actor of the Moscow theater of Satire (“Cathal”, “Shirley myrli”).

1956 – on the screens of the country came ostrosotsialnye drama cartoon “the Ugly duckling” (a screen adaptation of the fairy tale of G. H. Andersen).

1961 – Bob Dylan made his debut in a joint concert with John Lee hooker in new York.

1961 – born Igor lihuta, the Ukrainian producer and husband Taisii Povaliy.

1963 – The Beatles released the single “From Me to You”, which became the first song won first place in the English hit parade.

1963 – on the screens out Comedy Misurina Alexei and Nikolai Litus “gas station Queen” with Nadezhda Rumyantseva in the title role.

1964 – on the screens out the film George Danelia “I step through Moscow”.

1968 – born Sergey Lukyanenko, Russian science fiction writer, has glorified Day, Night and Twilight Patrols.

1982 – article “Ragout of blue bird” in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” starts the campaign of harassment the Russian rock group “time Machine”.

1990 – astronomers from Arizona Observatory called them open four asteroid the names of the members of the legendary British band “the Beatles”.

1992 – in the Pacific ocean caught the largest Barracuda weighing 38.5 kg

1998 – in California, the American Edwin Sirko put 545 Domino on a single vertical Domino (world record).

1999 – new Zealander Mike Morel set a world record lecturing for 25 hours straight.

2001 – scientists have discovered the virus of schizophrenia. Scientists have found that the frequency of detection of antibodies to the virus in the blood is higher among those who suffer from panic disorders. Find the virus and chronic fatigue syndrome. Only hope is the fact that some researchers doubt the reliability of test results.

2008 – in Washington, in the newly built building was opened the Museum of journalism and news, the Newseum.

2008 — for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine has identified 100 of great Ukrainians. It happened at 21:35 live on air of TV channel “inter”

2011 – an explosion occurred at the station “Oktyabrskaya” Minsk metro. 15 people were killed and 203 injured. This is the only attack in the entire history of Minsk metro and the second in Minsk during the history of independent Belarus in 1991. Identification of the organizers of the terrorist attack sentenced to capital punishment. The sentence was executed.

2014 – Pro-Russian militants seized the town of Slavyansk in Donetsk region. 5 Jul 2014 the Ukrainian military knocked from Pro-Russian terrorists.

The nameday: Eustace (Ostap), Ivan, Isaac, Cyril, Cornelius, mark, Michael, Philip.

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