Significant events: Candlemas – spring forced winter to sweat

15 Feb Eastern Christians celebrate Candlemas. The people Candlemas has long been perceived as meeting winter and spring.

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Candlemas is one of the biggest feasts of the Orthodox Church, it symbolizes the meeting of the old and New Testaments. That is, the era when humanity has ceased to live “incorrectly” acquired Christianity, reports Rus.Media.

Is celebrated on the fortieth day after Christmas. On this day, Simeon Bohaterem happy to know that finally going to die. The story of this man began in the middle of the III century BC. By order of the Egyptian king Ptolemy II, he translated the Holy Scripture from Egyptian into Greek. In the book of the prophet Isaiah scientist found the phrase “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son”, thought it was a typo and decided to fix the “maid” to “wife.” But then an angel appeared and said that there is no mistake and that Simeon will be given the opportunity to verify this during his lifetime.

And after three centuries was it a voice in the temple in Jerusalem. Came and saw Mary and Joseph brought the baby Jesus.

In the folk tradition of Candlemas – a celebration of the beginning of spring. He said that “on this day winter spring meets, wants to freeze her, the same villain from his will only sweat”. In honor of the presentation in churches consecrate water and candles. Dedicated candle (“granica”) was a helper of the fire, it was lit and placed in front of images during a storm to protect the house, people and livestock from fire. These candles also gave into the hands of the dying while reading an escape prayer. Dedicated to the Purification of water treated the sore spots and got rid of the evil eye.

According to folk belief, if a evening warmer summer won, and winter retreats. If cold continues to reign the winter.


Every year since 2004, February 15, Ukraine celebrates the Day of honoring combatants in the territory of other States.

This day is dated for anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

From 1979 to 1989, about one hundred and fifty thousand Ukrainians had passed through the crucible of the “Afghan war”. 290 Ukrainians did not return from Afghanistan, 62 were missing or captured. Injured more than 8 thousand Ukrainians, 4,687 of them returned to the parental home disabled.

Celebrated in Ukraine and all those who participated in other wars. Now the Armed forces of Ukraine is about 2 thousand officers and warrant officers who took part in the Afghan war, about 20 thousand soldiers who were carrying out international duty in Chile, Spain, Egypt, Vietnam, Ethiopia, on the island of Cuba and in many other “hot spots”.

487 Ukrainians died during the wars and conflicts in the territories of 16 countries.


The day of children with cancer, celebrated on February 15 every year, many countries of the world. This date first appeared in the calendar in 2001 at the initiative of world Confederation of parents of children with cancer.

Also on this day…

In 1564 Galileo was born, Galileo, Italian physicist, astronomer, one of the founders of natural science, the outstanding thinker of the Renaissance.

1574 – Ivan Fedorov published in Lviv was the first printed book in the Ukrainian lands – “the Apostle”.

1866 – born Nikolai Vasilenko, Ukrainian historian and political figure.

1903 – birthday of the Teddy bear. 32-year-old Russian immigrant Morris Michta, which was made in new York dolls, produced the toy sawdust stuffed bear and put in the window of their shop. Bear was immediately purchased, and with him all subsequent. By michta instantly opened a factory for the production of a funny Teddy louts with button eyes. I bought them because it was the first doll for boys, from the signature Teddy bear, bear Teddy (Theodore is the name of the then President Roosevelt).

1919 – Ukrainian national Rada adopted the law on the use of the Ukrainian language in public institutions.

1926 – has been spoken the longest in the history of parliamentary speech (Martinson Deputy in the State Duma of Estonia, 11 hours).

1931 – the first film about Dracula.

1946 – officially announced the creation of ENIAC – the world’s first electronic computer.

1969 G. Edwards Physiological laboratory, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, performs the first artificial insemination of human eggs.

1970 – In the USA, experts from IBM invented the floppy disk (diskette), where owners of computers can save information.

1972 – born Natalya Guseva, who played the role of Alice Seleznyova in the film “guest from the future”, “Purple ball”.

2013 – the fall of the meteorite near Chelyabinsk. Heavenly body fell at 9:20 local time in the area of lake Chebarkul, 80 km West of Chelyabinsk. The mass of the meteorite was up to 10 000 tons and a diameter of approximately 15-17 m. During flight in the atmosphere, the meteorite broke into many pieces, and back fell to earth in a meteor shower. In the fall formed a blast wave, which deposited energy exceeds the energy of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thanks to the flat trajectory joining the body to the atmosphere is only part of the released energy reached settlements. The blast basically blew out Windows in homes. Suffered more than a thousand people, but the majority of injury related to cuts and bruises.

Birthday celebrate Basil, Gabriel, Zinaida.

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