Significant slow-down after an accident in L’ancienne-Lorette

Important ralentissement après un accident à L’Ancienne-Lorette

The driver of a “truck van” crashed into a lamppost on Thursday morning, on the rue Notre-Dame, L’ancienne-Lorette, creating a significant downturn in the sector.

In the wake of the incident, which occurred around 5: 30, near the rue Saint-Paul, the pole is then dropped back on the trailer of the vehicle in question. However, there are no reports of any injuries in this event.

“There were cones in the center of this street. When the vehicle wanted to turn around, avoiding the cones, the trailer was hung from the lamppost in the way,” says the spokesperson for the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), Sandra Dion.

Police and firefighters have been deployed to provide traffic control and clean up the scene for a few hours.

Notre-Dame street has been closed in the south direction, the time to remove the lamp and ensure the safety of all. However, it has been reopened to traffic around duration 7: 40.

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