Signs indicating that your relationship will never turn into something more

Признаки, указывающие, что ваши отношения никогда не превратятся во что-то большее

He’s not answering your messages for a few days. When it is configured to talk with you, he sends you the Flirty messages. The rest of the time he simply ignores you. You never know, I will answer it immediately or leave your message unnoticed.

He kept saying he misses you. But never makes concrete steps to see you. He can ask when you’re free, or to say that it would be nice to have a Cup of coffee together somewhere. But further conversations business is not moving.

Your relationship status is not defined. He avoids conversations about your relationship to each other and not you is his girlfriend. He does not build joint plans for the future.

He brings emotions to the extreme. You’re either very excited about seeing him, or devastated due to the cancellation date at the last second. You either love its a compliment or unhappy due to the fact that he avoided you the whole day. The Golden mean does not happen.

He never does what he says. He says he wants you to meet his friends but never invites to a meeting with them. He says he wants to be with you, but never make real steps in this direction. He makes promises it never fulfills.

You’re not the only one with whom he communicates. Every time you meet him, most of the time he responds to someone else’s message. Not to mention the fact that he was still on Tinder, and flirt with passing girls. Meeting you urged him to abandon the single life.

He is justified. He acts like your boyfriend but doesn’t want this title, so it explicitly says that it is not ready for a relationship or wants to stay friends with you.

Then kissing, it is not come. You held hands, cuddled in bed, been close, but have never been on an official date.

You — not a priority. He never changes his plans in order to see you or do something nice. He sees you (or calling you), when it is convenient.

He disappears for a few weeks, then comes back into your life. He thinks he can call you whenever he wants it. He uses you when he wants to.

He takes without giving anything in return. He expects you will immediately respond to his message and go to him when he asks, but he doesn’t reciprocate. He expects you will do for him more than he is willing to do for you.

You’re waiting for a relationship for a long time. If you both wanted a relationship, they would have already been. You have long been familiar with each other. Long you flirt, but you’re still friends. And that will never change.

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